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Masked Behind the Fence...


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You have taken some fantastic pictures on your trip to the Middle East. You bring out the best in your subjects by your interaction with them and technically I love the tones.

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I took these pictures while enjoying some Bedouin hospitality in a shed considered a sort of family tent for guests. The women were on the other side of the wall from me where this child was playing. The poverty was very apparent. These are Bedoiun who have left the nomadic life style and live in an area akin to a slum or Favela in Latin America. These Bedouin were the lowest of the lowest in terms of class status, but very proud and steeped in tradition still. Glad you all enjoyed this childs antics caught here with my M8 :)




Benitez-Rivera Photography

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maybe someone could explain me the spirit? why should I do the editing of others photographers work?


To me it's a human being having fun interacting with another human being. Who is asking you to "edit". Perhaps you could just enjoy and appreciate:)

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Guest Stefan R.

"Perhaps you could just enjoy and appreciate:)"


I could if I could concentrate on one picture. but what I feel and do you could leave it up to me, that would be nice. thank you

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