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Obama Back Off !


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St George's Day in Romford Market ( England)  -- the 'Vote Leave the EU' Group were out in force in defiance of comments made by President Obama when he came here, saying that if we Vote to  Leave the EU " Britain will go to the back of the queue"

 I used my 1986 M6 + 1966 Canadian Leitz 35mm f1.4 Summilux and 2005 outdated 'Tudor' ( Fuji) 100 film rated at 50 ASA and processed in a powder 'NOVA' C41 Press Kit.

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I am not an American citizen so I don't speak English with an American twang or vocabulary... But if I were, I am pretty sure that I would not be using the word 'queue', rather I would be using  the word 'line'. 


I would venture to suggest that Mr. Obama did not write that speech, he just read it out.


As a free born English man who is an addicted Leica camera user and very much a European, I do not wish to be dictated to by a politburo in Brussels, currently known as the European Commission and the centre of the anti-democratic power crazed European Union.


Just like I don't suppose the average American citizen would want to be ruled by an unelected committee in (say) Lima (Peru).

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Folks, this is a sensitive political issue which isn't suited to be discussed neither in this thread (it's the photo forum) nor in this forum.


Thanks for not discussing this any further.


Andreas (another one)


OK I won't discuss it any further apart from adding that Andreas changed his original comment from something not at all complementary, which was why I replied to him...


Anyway, I apologise if I have offended anyone... I agree that politics is not meant to be discussed in a photographic forum... Since there are no photographers with or without a Leica that make political statements with their cameras?

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