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M8 filter


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Enjoy.  I always use UV/IR filters.  To me they are necessary for colour tuning the light for the sensor.  You don't really need them for B&W work, it's said, but I leave them on anyway.  Make sure to remove any filters for night work or you end up with funny flare reflections from bright lights.

The M8 is a very good camera for wide angle lenses.  The Voigtlander 15mm f4 is popular and acts  like 20mm lens on full frame (M9).  Sharp and good rendering/colours, it is inexpensive. For longer the Leica 90mm f4 C is a cute lens which is excellent...again very good value...nice for "stand-back" portraiture.


There's a plethora of good stuff in ltm mount out there too...just need an adapter.


We'll love to see you put some images up in the M8 sub-forum when you've got time.


Good luck with it, cheers  Dave S

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