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2.0 firmware summary


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First, DNG automatic noise reduction set or no switch. Second, SL is the 1.1 firmware in the M file to support the wireless flash, upgrade 1.2 and 2 firmware can not use the PROFOTO Wireless Flash (TTL-C Canon) and Canon ST-E3 wireless flash. 1.2 and 2 firmware Canon 600EX top flash can be used, PROFOTO wireless single point and (TTL-N Nikon) flash can be used. It seems only for the camera.


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Mate. you need to get over this.


Every one of your 60 posts are about this. It's time to start looking for solutions that don't involve a firmware change on the SL because that ain't going to happen.


A simple single pin hotshoe adaptor will likely solve the issues you're having with a non-Leica TTL shoe on a Leica camera. 5 bucks on eBay. Here's one.




you'll need a short cable to the pc flash socket for it. You might be able to find a pass through version. i probably have 5 of these in a drawer already.


It's not Leica's job to support non Leica triggers on Leica cameras. it's not a fault. It's probably a deliberate thing to protect the shoe circuitry. The Nikon version probably fires because the pins line up. the Canon one only gets two contacts and the camera doesn't think that's a good idea. You need to remove the contact from the four Canon TTL pins on the trigger from touching the hotshoe. Then *IF* the Profoto TTL trigger is actually capable of working as a totally manual trigger and *IF* you have the trigger set up properly to do this (I remember what a pain it was to get full manual the Pocket Wizard Canon TTL system). you should be fine.


I use Godox and Elinchrom triggers nearly every day with no issues.


I'd also be concerned you have cooked the shoe, if it were me.



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p.s. I totally agree with you about the long exposure noise reduction. It should be able to be switched off. I can think of many instances where this would be useful.


I can also think of a dozen other things, just off the top of my head. leica did good with 2.0 but the SL still has a ways to go to be all it can be.



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The Profoto Air remote (non TTl-version) works perfect on the SL (I use it). Of course you have only manual mode. TTL-versions are only available for Nikon or Canon.

TTL-N can trigger, 1.2 firmware test can, 2 no test.


With coke or very rubbish, ready to out of the SL.


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