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Leica IR filter w/ Nokton 40/1.4

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I don't have a Leica filter in 43mm, but I believe the CV 40/1.4 has a standard 43mm (E43) thread. I have no problems mounting a B+W 486 filter to it.


Hi all,

Has anyone tried fitting a Leica filter on a CV Nokton 40/1.4?


Is the right one Part# E43?




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I use a heliopan ES 43 Digital UV / IR filter on my 40f1.4 SC and have hand coded it so that the M8 reads it as a 35 Summilux Asph. The combination works like a charm. The coded dots (painted on with matt black modelling paint) tend to wear off and have to be renewed from time to time. In my experience the 40/1.4 is a great lens and ideally suited to the M8. Also, I filed down the claw on the bayonet so that when mounted the lens brings up 35mm frame lines - which provide loose but acceptable framing for the 40


Howard (in Hong Kong)

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Thanks Howard, I'm glad to know it's working well for you.


I've got a project coming up shooting cyclists in a really small storefront, so I think the 40 is going to work nicely in combo with a 28/2 - but the lighting in there is really weird so I'm going to need a filter.


On the filter front, since both the B+W and the Leica filters are in such demand I figured I'd just go for the Leica since consistency is my best friend in photography and all my other IR filters are Leica brand.


I'm curious about the filing/dremel process, but essentially doing something like that scares the bejeezus out of me so I haven't done it.

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I've actually read conflicting reports about it but came to the conclusion that it _probably_ would work, or at worst would only screw on half-way.


I've already hit the submit button on the order, so I guess I get to find out the hard way - or maybe I'll try to cancel.


Either way, thanks for heads up!

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I'm assuming the threading on the Nokton is .75 since it fits other known standard filters, like the B+W and Heliopan.


I also looked through those two tables, but couldn't come up with a definite answer either way.






It looks like a little creative Googling would have helped me, Leica and Rangefinders Forum: E43 to 46mm Step Ring? - photo.net (look 2/3 of the way down the thread)


Only thing is I didn't know exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks for all the help, now I have to see about changing my order.


- David

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I received the E43 Leica filter as one of my two freebees

it fits perfectly and the nifty lens hood for the Nokton fits over it as well, which is not the case for the BW polarizer I got for the 40 Nokton ...with the filter on, the hood wil not mount and with the hood on the BW polarizer cannot be attached

however mounting the polarizer atop the Leica IR/cut allows the hood to be used as the threads on the Leica are free ...how effective this combination works is something I have yet to test, though the results I got using both a polarizer and ir/cut with my 21 Elmarit are promising

I am still waiting on the 60 mm from Leica & then I can rest for a bit

hope this helps

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