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The end of an era

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This N.A.R.T. entered 1964 Ferrari 250 LM Berlinetta, driven by Jochen Rindt & Masten Gregory, was the surprise winner of the 1965 24 hours of LeMans race…….. and the last Ferrari to win the race overall.


Now, that's historic !


M240-P / 35mm Summilux FLE



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Beautiful photo, beautiful subject.  When Luigi Chinetti still had his manhattan Ferrari showroom far not he Westside, I'd love to go in and see his virtual museum of NART cars and other important Ferraris

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One of my favorite racing pictures is Jochen Rindt drifting that car through the esses. The story went that the driver's decided they didn't like their chances in the race so they decided to drive it flat out until it broke. It didn't and they stood up their previously made dates back in Paris!

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Together with the P4, 250LM is imho the finest of the historical Ferrari two seaters ; btw, the official name was indeed 250, but, according to Ferrari standards', the winner of Le Mans 1965 ought to be named as 275 (its engine being a 3.3 Liters one)

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