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Andy -


Fabulous details, DOF, depth, color, light and composition. Are you back already?


Haven't been away yet. Go tomorrow. Fully loaded with 4 (count 'em) camera bags, more film than Calumet, SD cards akimbo. Be prepared... :)


Thanks for the comments.

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Lovely picture of a lovely place. I have only recently been scanning some old slides and one is of thaxted and it really struck me how these places are much more smartened up than they once were. I'm not sure its an improvement! Here is me at Thaxted in 1964 - not a Leica picture - taken by my Dad with my Voigtlander Vito B


Have a great holiday

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I'm afraid they have been sent through the "chocolate-box" machine. Must be for the tourists, who like this sort of thing.


It's a shame that buildings like this can't be left in an honest, sound condition, rather than "beautified" and Sandtexed. It's like a Disneyland version of the real thing and yet it IS the real thing. Or supposed to be.



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I agree Andy. As a historian by training and by profession for the early years of my working life our attitude to the past makes my blood boil. It's all sanitised, PC'd "heritage" nonsense!!


It's not how old you look that counts its how old you feel and I feel all of my 54 years :p:P- but thanks for saying I don't look it. Others have said the same - If i wasn't happily married it would be the passport to increased opportunity followed by guarenteed failure!!!

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Great colours, composition, etc, etc... ;) This screams B&W to me but I am VERY old compared to you wet-behind-the-ears lick-spittles. :D


Are we going to have an argument about where this windmill is situated? ;)



Edit- is that the same row of cottages as in Keith's shot?

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