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Barnack Challenge no 29 - the winner(s)

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Without further ado...


  • The winner with 22 points is "A nap in time" by christoph_d.
  • Followed by Erl who's "Remembering a past friend" received 18 points.
  • And, not least, Octo with his entry which was awarded 15 points.


Congratulations to Christoph who now has the honour of setting the 30th Barnack Challenge! And well done to the runners up and to all entrants as well for a thoughtful yet entertaining collection of postings. A special thank you too to Andreas for setting this challenge in motion and again to all participants and to those who voted.








Den Gewinnern möchte ich hier ganz herzlich gratulieren. Die, die Bilder eingestellt oder abgestimmt haben, sage ich herzlichen Dank.







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 Die, die Bilder eingestellt oder abgestimmt haben, sage ich herzlichen Dank.






   immer gerne 

   it's a pleasure              


   und auch von mir     -    Glückwunsch an die drei Spezialisten

   and also from me     -   congratulations to the three specialists





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To Christoff and Philippe, well done. You were worthy contenders.

Thank you to all participants for such a variety of interpretations. I struggled with many different thoughts and ideas, but my best shot came in an instant over coffee with a friend, as seen in the picture.


I look forward with anticipation to Christoph's theme when announced. His unusual take on many things should give us a really provoking challenge next time around.

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Thanks to all for your votes and kind words, congratulations to all who submitted such a wide range of interesting interpretations of the theme and special thanks to Charles for the choice of theme. 

Now I look forward for a finding a new theme - some thoughts are taking shape already, but there is still a bit of time for maturing those...


In the meantime: good light!



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