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Delay for a -30% Tri-Elmar (28-35-50) ?

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I'm into my 4th. month waiting for a 35' lux. Also looking for the Tri Elmar as well....you'd think that maybe Leica would address the backlog of orders more than it appears they are doing. Here's a revolutionary idea...cancel the summer break.....just kidding!!! Seriously tho' I think that Leica are risking their credibility somewhat at the moment by not being able to clear the backlog.....shame as it's a great camera but not much use without the lens you want....my patience is running a bit thin these days.

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Pascal, I would say it depends... I have heard of some who have ordered months ago, many months, who still haven't gotten theirs. On the other hand, I ordered mine about a month ago and got it after two weeks. My dealer (Leica Camera Berlin) called Leica nicely every day until it arrived. The squeeky wheel does still get the oil.

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