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M3 rangefinder 'range' with 50mm Summicron

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Hi, I'm a newbie (to Leicas and this forum) from Scotland. In the last 6 months I've traded-in all my Canon DSLR gear for a M7 and 50mm Summicron, and just last week I've picked up a M3.


Apart from being a bit dirty inside, which I wasn't expecting seeing as I'd bought it from an authorised Leica dealer, it is in great condition with no obvious issues with patch alignment, shutter speeds etc.


I put my Summicron on it today and noticed that the patches don't move through the full range of lens focusing distances; the infinity end seems ok but at the close focusing end the patches won't focus any closer than approx 3 or 4 feet i.e. as I move the focus ring past 4 feet towards the closest setting the patches stop moving.


On my M7 the patches cover the full focusing range of the lens.


As I said I'm a newbie to Leica and rangefinder cameras in general so just wanted to ask am I missing something obvious here or do I have an issue?


Thanks in advance if anyone can help.


Cheers, Liam.

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Hello Liam,


Welcome to the Forum.


Some M3's only focus to 1 meter. That is approximately 3 feet & 4 inches.


Some can, or can be adjusted to, focus closer than 1 meter like later "M" cameras do.


Best Regards,



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but if you get the dual range summicron you can get about 18 inches closer...

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