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Some photos I took in Joshua Tree NP while on a trip through the southwestern US with my trusty M6, 35 Summicron and a whole bunch of Kodak TriX.

 If I remeber correctly I think I also used an orange or yellow filter on these shots ....


More here: http://www.philippwortmann.com/southwestbw


or on flickr:




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Thanks everybody



Beautiful! The irony is, the last grab shot from the car probably gives the best sense of this place. And, I agree with Stuart, this park has so much to offer.




Yes I agree! It's definitely the closest to the mental image of the place I have in my memory.

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    • By Sumatra
      Hallo Leica-Freunde,
      ich habe ein Problem mit meiner M6 TTL (0,58): die (bei Kleinanzeigen) erstandene Sucherlupe lässt sich leider nur ca. 1/8 bis 1/4 Gewindegang auf den Sucher aufschrauben.
      Muss man bei der Montage irgendwas beachten oder muss man irgendwas am Sucher einstellen oder ändern, damit die Lupe passt?
      Danke und Gruß,
    • By Roger Vorbeck
      Got my first ever Leica M body last year. It's a M2. It came bundled with a Summicron 50mm F2 Collapsible. I'm really enjoying this combo, but I'm a 35mm shooter.
      I've found a Summaron 35mm 3.5 for sale in my country, for a decent price. It's serial number is the following: 1176436.
      However, I know that users have trouble defining their lens models, because they were produced in a large numbers.
      I've checked this one's number on a lot of different sources and foruns, but I failed on identifying it.
      The weird part is that checking through this website: https://reddotcamera.net/leica/serial-number-tool/ and in this page: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/Summaron_f%3D_3.5_cm_1:3.5
      The information I have is that this lens is identified as a Summicron 50mm f/2, build in the year 1954 and a Summicron 5 cm 1:2 (M), respectively.
      Why is that? Has anyone here ever seen one of these? I wanted this to be the M2 version (to activate the 35mm framelines) but I have no clue what this all means.
      Any guesses are welcome.
    • By LCL999
      Something I consider to be a glaring omission from Leica's current M-lens line-up is a light, compact, 35mm lens. Or am I missing something? F2.8 would be quite adequate considering the high ISOs available on the M10. The target market would be those for whom minimum size and weight is a major actor, plus those seeking a lower cost entry into the world of Leica M.
      As it is, Voigtlander offer just such a lens, though the reviews are mixed.
      I assume such a lens would be called an Elmarit, as the code seems to be
      Elmar -f4.0
      Elmarit f2.8
      -chron f2.0
      -lux f1.4 or faster.
      Any comments as to when such a beast might become available, or should I just go and buy the Voigtlander?
    • By Slash53
      Hi there,
      I purchased the Voigtlander 35mm f2 Ultron about 6 months ago at my local Leica store. I have a problem regarding the focus ring; it's a bit loose in a way where I can move the focus ring horizontally and vertically (about a mm or so). Its not a big movement or anything but I can feel the loose when I'm trying to accurately focus an image. I've never seen anyone mentioning this problem from this lens., or any Voigtlander lens in this matter. I wonder if any user had such an issue or if I'm getting crazy about small stuff.
      Thanks in advance for the answers,
    • By loading
      Hello everybody,
      I need some advice regarding repairing/CLA of an M6.
      The camera seems to have shutter capping (It might be partially my fault since I took out the camera at -7 degrees Celsius a whole day, however, after that, I shoot a roll in a normal temperature environment -my house- and everything  was fine, all the images were fine)
      So... these are my questions:
      1. Do I sent the camera to Leica Camera without prior notice? I mean, do I ship it with DHL and that's it?
      I'm asking this because on their service page they do not specify all the types of Leicas they are repairing. I'm assuming M6 is one of them but it's better to play it safe.
      2. I want my problem to be fixed and also I want a full CLA (I've noticed some gunk on the winding gears and the low exposure times are not quite accurate). Should I specify the CLA part in the attached document or the CLA of a camera comes by default with the 
      repairing process?
      3. Please don't laugh on this one but the camera will be sent to: Leica Camera AG, Am Leitz-Park 5, Wetzlar, Germany? I'm asking that just to be sure that I'm sending the camera to the right address.
      I realize the questions are a little bit odd but I never sent a camera for a CLA (I usually shoot with two EOS3 cameras-never had a problem).
      I bought recently this Leica from Ebay and I want to make it "as new" before I start shooting with it intensively.
      Thanks in advance for the answers
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