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Help. Control Dial on the Leica D Lux Typ 109

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Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong or if I have a setting that's been set to prevent me from seeing this:

Until recently when I access the the Control Dial on the back of the camera I could press the WB side of the ring and set WB.  I could press the the ISO part of the dial and set ISO.  Same with the focus selection and setting the self timer.


Now no matter which part of the ring I press the focus indicater comes up and I can move the focus point all around but I can't access any of the other functions, ie; WB, ISO etc.


Anyone have an idea here of what I've done?


Thanks so much for the help.


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I figured out the problem.  I've been trying for a full day to figure it out and moments after the post above I found the problem.  I had turned the "Direct Focus Area" to ON and in so doing it disabled the functions of the ring.  I've now turned it to OFF and it all works fine again.

Thanks again

I have this problem too, but I can't seem to figure out how to turn off the direct focus area function. Can someone help? Thanks.

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