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Dear colleagues,

I have recently updated my Leica M8 to version 2.024 and have got great problems with it. If I am shooting in S mode 3 shots in a row by pressing trigger with a short intervals, camera is switching off and even removing and reinserting battery does not help. In an hour or so camera is back to life and I can shoot again.

I was reading all the advices with memory card, this is not the source of a problem. As I am in short leaving to the trip I would like to downgrade from 2.024 to 2.014 again. Is this possible and how to do it? Where I can find the firmware 2.014 ?

Thank you.


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    • By Al Brown
      New firmware is out for the M, version, but also for M262, 246 etc.

      Who knows what's new?


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    • By Jhhallissey
      Even though I believe I'm following all the steps (battery fresh out of the charger, SD card empty, formatted in-camera, holding only the firmware update file) I'm not able to update the firmware of my T (currently running 1.6, looking to upgrade to 1.9). Is there a wonky combination of settings that makes the Video ON + Turn-on not work (the camera just starts up normally). I've successfully updated the firmware in the past, so I'm baffled. Thanks!
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      Will we get a lens coding firmware update for the M240 that functions as on the M10?,
       ie.  goes back to recognize the last non-coded setting after a coded lens is recognized and then removed?
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      Was hat es denn zu bedeuten, wenn zum Firmwareupdate angekündigt wird, dass das Bild im Lifeview zunächst sw erscheint. Gibt es denn eine Anzeige ohne Lifeview oder ist das im Unterschied zum Wiedergabebild gemeint? Abgesehen davon: was ist denn der Grund für diese Änderung?
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      Shortly after update to version 1.4 Leica has published a further update to fix some more bugs. Version 1.4.3 solves issues with video playback mode, ISO display, Live View mode and shift of aperture / shutter speed values.
      Improvements at a glance:
      Fixed: Audio issue in video playback Fixed: Aperture/ Shutter speed value shift in A, S or M exposure mode Fixed: Disappearing ISO value in live view mode Fixed: Blocked live view in burst shooting mode If you want to update your Leica T you can download the new firmware version 1.4.3 from the Leica website:
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