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Bilder hochladen / Picture Upload

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Shall I kick off?




Never to be repeated, my gap in time. Not as a trophy but as a celebration, for time marches to an imposed rhythm so this is me having stepped out.



Amsterdam 5 March 2016

Leica III - Summaron 35 - Ilford HP5 - Spur HRX - Presented as a scan of the print.




Looking forward to your entry...

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I must admit, that I have difficulties to interpret the "gap / Kluft" of time" !

May be my english is to poor, to get the real sense.

But I will try like this :


Hope the building will not fall while the Family walk in.........


Leica IIIf, Summitar 2/50, Agfa Precisa 100 Slide - 03.03.2016


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Thanks Charles to choosing a topic that makes you think...

Here's my contribution:


"A nap in time"



(Leica-0 replica (2000), Anastigmat 3.5/50, Maco Eagle Color 640)





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Advertisement (gone after registration)

The Gap of Time


A mis-spent youth immersed in Sci-Fi books leads me to this interpretation, I feely admit it was serendipitous and not pre-planned.



Leica IIIc/f 428101

50mm f2 Summar uncoated 217254

Tri-X Pyrocat HD 1:1:100 Semi Stand 16min after 5min pre-soak Epson V850 Scanner


No post work after scan software Epson Scan other than addition of frame in Picasa.

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I worked- my first full time job- at a hotel that existed on the spot of a new, larger hotel I lodged at in connection with business a couple weeks ago. This view was one I used to see at the end of the workdays.....all those years ago. Sorry for the quality. Hand developed in Rodinal. Camera was a IIIA (converted IA) I believe the lens was my 28 6.3 Hektor. I am embarrassed about the thumb print. I do not know how to get rid of it. This was also my first hand-rolled film, FOMA 400


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Hello Wayne

To clear any misconceptions regarding when your photo was taken, I'm assuming you took it to recreate the view you had "years ago" and it was made during the time frame given in the competition rules.

Thank you in advance!


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Nearly missed the entry thread. Been waiting for it to appear by searching for '29th Barnack Challenge'.

Just in time, my entry below.

Camera: Leica 111f with 50/2.0 Summitar lens.

Film:Ilford HP5+ processed in Kodak Xtol.


Title: Remembering a past friend.


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Gap of Time:

First: Literarly between Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" and the modern transfer to our times by Jeanette Winterson's "Gap of Time".
Second: Musically between the harpsichord as an instrument of Renaissance and Baroque and its modern variant as an electro-mechanical harpsichord used by the Beatles (song: "Because") and other groups.
Only about 500 electric harpsichords have been built by Baldwin, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
・  Leica IIIa syn  ・  Summicron 2.0-50mm coll.  ・  Kodak Ektar 100  ・  Nikon Coolscan  ・  Lightroom CC  ・  March 2016.  ・
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Thank you to all the participants for some unique and thought provoking photographs! Posting is now closed and may I invite you on the voting  thread to make the difficult decision of making a choice for a favourite.


Kind regards


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