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Hey everyone, I've just completed a new series shot strictly with my M4-P. Please check it out!!! :)

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I really enjoyed your photos.  I liked the portraits, and the photo of the water.  I especially enjoyed the picture of the fella holding the little skate before putting it back in the water.  The whole collection is very thoughtfully done.  Thank you for sharing your photos.


Help on a name?  Hmmm....  That's a tough one.  It's a marketing exercise, so you should take into account your desired audience, and the market position that you want to achieve for your show.  Who do you want to attract to your show?  Who does your gallery owner think you can attract?  Are you selling only a small number of prints, or as many copies as you can to anyone who wants to buy one?  What ideals can you apply to your photos, and the people they portray?  I see the nobility of normal, everyday people trying to de-stress before the workday begins, or de-stressing after a lifetime of work.  I see the nobility of connecting to the sea, to the fish in it, and to respecting even the little skates trying to live in it.  But, then again, I may be full of it....  I think your captions and your own feelings about your time shooting the collection hold the key to how you market the exhibit, and how you title it.  The title is in your heart already... the trick will be finding the title.  Brooklyn Riviera is a good one, though.


Good luck with your show,


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Yeah this was great! I enjoyed going through the set because it told a story through the images, but also because YOU gave it a back-story and made it intriguing. 


Thanks for sharing this Jose

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Great shots, well done! Maybe only thing missing is a shot of a fish being pulled in for a different aspect?

Was it hard to get people to trust you for taking picutres, or were they easy going about it from the start..?


At first it was a bit tricky, but I kept coming back and hanging around. They eventually got over the idea I was photographing them and the images started to present themselves. Thanks for the kind words :

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Thank you everyone for the kind words, and taking the time to look through the images. It really means a lot to me to know my work has a sense of weight. I feel that the title I have given the series will work as a name for the show.. or maybe something like: "In a Big City: The Brooklyn Riviera" ? What do you all feel? 


Also, what tips do you guys have for me during the opening reception? Ways to speak about the work? How to engage with the viewers? 


Thanks so much!

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