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Survey: Which Leica (or non-Leica) cameras do you use?

Which cameras do you use?  

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  1. 1. Which camera types and brands do you use?

    • Leica only
    • No Leica at all (please vote what else)
    • Leica and other manufacturer (please vote what else)
    • Nikon DSLR
    • Canon DSLR
    • DSLR (other manufacturer)
    • Mirrorless (other manufacturer)
    • Compact Camera
    • Medium Format
    • Smartphone
    • Analogue / Film
  2. 2. Which Leica camera systems do you use?

    • Leica M
    • Leica R
    • Leica S
    • Leica SL
    • Leica T
    • Leica Q
    • Leica X
    • Leica C
    • Leica V-Lux
    • Leica D-Lux
    • Leica Digilux
    • Vintage Leica (Screwmount or similar)
    • Other Leica (please comment which)
    • No Leica at all

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Top Posters In This Topic

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...after using Leica IIIb, IIIc, IIIf, M3, M4, M5, SL2, CL, R3, R4-Mot, R6 and R8 in the course of my (long, I am 82) life.

Sadly, my mind doesn't even think much about scenes or photographs unless the M is in my hand or around my neck. The tactile experience of the camera itself helps get me in the mood. Weird, eh?

From the first moment I visited LUF my next steps brought me deeper and deeper into the Leica universe. Beginning with the X1 I quickly paired it with one of her older siblings, a Leica IIIC (with conversions to IIIF) and a couple of screw-mount lenses. Than followed the M4-P again with some lenses. As I acquired a chrome Summicron 50 DR I had to pair that with a matching body, so a Leica M3 came in the game. Also the underrated and in many reviews blasted Leica X-Vario found a good home in my h

Posted Images

Leica M2, but, mostly, Olympus Trip 35. Then also OM1n and OM2-SP, Olympus 35SP, Olympus XA, Olympus MjuII, Yashica Mat.

I do use some digital but really not much. When I do I have a Nikon D80 with a short f2.8 Sigma zoom, or just use the camera in my ipad. Digital is not something that I bother with much or am bothered by.

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I am completely addicted to the Leica M system. I currently use my M8.2 and M7 with 5 lenses. I am looking to upgrade to the next upcoming Leica M when ever that might be.


Besides that I use a Plaubel Makina 67 and a Widelux F7. There is a Canon DSLR in my drawer that I never touched since I got the Leica M. 

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I have given up on Leica bodies.  I have a tremor and need a lighter body with stabilization. I am using a Sony a7mII and a Sony a6000.  I use my Leica lenses mostly and find it much more convenient than the M9 I sold.  I find that on a fixed income that Leica is too expensive and not up to speed in technology with other cameras.  I used Leicas for 40 years and finally gave up.  

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I have used Leica cameras consistently since my first M6 which I traded in with other cameras to buy the M240; since then I alternate depending on the circumstances between the smallest (D-LUX 6) and the M240; I have recently bought a used open box T and found it absolutely delightful both to handle and to shoot. It even brought back some of my old VC wide angles - with the crop factor no purple edges!

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Initially, I used Leica (III) for pleasure and out of curiosity to experience the perceived mythical properties, this was back in 1971. Since then I 'graduated' through M3, M6, M6TTL towards my favourite M4-P.

In the meantime I dabbled with the SL and R5 but with regards to SLR's I've always felt more at home with the Nikon system (F, F2, F3, until more recent forays into digital my 'weapon' of choice is the Df.

Medium format involved Mamiya, Bronica and CM Hasselblads.


Essentially, its a matter of horses for courses with me professionally, digitally speaking, the Nikon Df, Fuji XPro and M9, take care of most things, the XPro fitted with M lenses works well for me especially in low light conditions where the M9 falters but, out of preference if work permits the M9 is the best for me. Since I frequently deal in monochrome the mark 2 'Mononchrom' looks a very attractive proposition. For practical reasons assignments are generally undertaken digitally but for pleasureable indulgence I do like to step back into the darkroom ... following on from exposing monochrome film in my favourite M4-P! 

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Leica: M8, M6, IIIa sync, C2

Nikon: Df, D7000, F, F3, FT2

Fuji: X-T1, X-E2


Medium Format: Fuji GW690, Moskva-5, Weltaflex, Lubitel166


And sometimes, but rarely:


Digital cams: Panasonic GF3, Pentax K100D, Canon EOS 10D, Sigma DP1s, digital compact cams by Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba etc.

Analogue cams by AGFA, Kodak, Fuji, Pentax, Lomography, Exakta etc.

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I've owned Leicas continuously since my 21st birthday ( 55 years ago ) when I received my father's hand-me-down IIIC with 2 lenses as a gift - still have the body.

Now own M-P240, lots of M lenses, most are the latest 'digital' versions - have switched to chrome whenever possible / available.

Still have my old M6 TTL 0.85 in black but don't shoot film anymore.

Always keep a Leica P&S handy, currently a V-Lux 114

Kept a 501C Hasselblad with some of their Zeiss lenses - most likely will dispose of this in near future

and still have my father's ancient Rolleiflex 2.8 MF……but haven't used either film MF in years.


Canon 5D MkIII system with Canon "L" and Zeiss ZE lenses & lots of accessories. To be replaced by an equivalently comprehensive SL system as soon as the Leica selection of AF lenses allows me to replicate the autofocus telephoto ( at least 400mmm ) capability of the Canon for some of my favorite photgraphic activities,…….. motorsports and wildlife photography.



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Leicas I use are M2, M3, MP, M8, M9-P, MM9


other cameras I use are the Fuji X-100T, Fuji X-70, Fuji X-Pro1, and soon, the X-Pro2. I used the XE-2 for quite a while, but it's my husband's camera now.

I also use the original Canon EOS-M with the 22/2.0 and the adapter allowing me to use the 40/2.8.

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Fujifilm X100s, love it and can't say it enough. I haven't touched my Nikon gear since I got this beauty about 2 years ago, it completely changed the way I look at digital photography.


Leica M240

Leica M6



Been contemplating selling all my Nikon gear and going analogue Medium format.

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I am a prior Leica user.  I loved my Leicas.  Friends with Canons and Nikons were jealous of the operation of the camera and the light gather capability of the lenses.  I had a complete Leica - R system with the original Leica SL/Mot and a Leica R4 (usually one for color and one for B&W) and lenses ranging from 19mm to 400mm.  I also had a Linhof Master Technika, and comparable lenses and was set up to 6X7cm to 4X5inch format. I started having leg and joint problems which has resulted in a brace on one leg and very reduced mobility.  I also had a eye problems which virtually would have made it impossible to use a viewfinder.  The doctor for my leg was useless for solving my problem of a foot that was the size and shape of a football and In very long fit of depression I virtually sold everything on E-Bay.  I isolated my self from my family during this time and told no one what I was doing.  I now wish I would have gotten help and wished I had not sold my Leica R system.  I kick myself for selling everything that I did.  .About the only things that are left is one or two lenses, one Leica and one Linhof and my 17lb Gitzo tripod that will stand 10feet in the air which I used for industrial shots and trips to the mountains. I am thinking about getting a Leica S system, but Leicas' steadfast refusal to make a 300 or 400mm lens for this system and almost taking the stand that they know better what I need is a little disheartening. It seems like they keep making smaller focal lenses as if no body uses telephoto lenses anymore.  I have actually looked into getting a Hasselblad.  Will see what the future has to offer.

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I'm so sorry that happened to you!  I'm 'in remission' for a different reason.


M4 and some other M film bodies, 1973-2014; and always 2 digital M bodies since their inception.  I still own M-E & MM digital bodies, with the latter away three months now for sensor replacement.  This third multi-month repair cycle in the last two years has been a deal-breaker for me.  Complete breakdown compared to years of responsible warranty service by Leica NJ. 


Now loyal only to the lenses, particularly my WATE and MATE for landscapes (now used mostly on A7rII body).  



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After 35 years with my M3, it was time to go seriously digital with the M246 and two black-chrome lenses, the Summicron-M 35mm and Summilux-M 50mm. Totally stealth art. And the b/w video shot with the M246 is ultra film noir, though not the topic of this survey, but maybe in the future?




D-Lux 2

Rolleiflex 2.8f


Nikon F2

Nikon F

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I use M 240 and sometimes M7 and my old M2. I dream of a digital M7 with the same size and weight as the analog one!


I love the cameras and the leica lenses but i`m still sore at the Leica company after buying a 90 mm Macro Elmar of the latest model. It was sold as a traveling lens (collapsible) but the lens hood doesn´t fit in the reversed mode. Shame on you Leica. At first I was so disapointed that I wanted to sell my Leica systems new and old and buy a Sony. At the price level of Leica,  everything should be perfekt both gear and images!

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