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Survey: Which Leica (or non-Leica) cameras do you use?

Which cameras do you use?  

1,131 members have voted

  1. 1. Which camera types and brands do you use?

    • Leica only
    • No Leica at all (please vote what else)
    • Leica and other manufacturer (please vote what else)
    • Nikon DSLR
    • Canon DSLR
    • DSLR (other manufacturer)
    • Mirrorless (other manufacturer)
    • Compact Camera
    • Medium Format
    • Smartphone
    • Analogue / Film
  2. 2. Which Leica camera systems do you use?

    • Leica M
    • Leica R
    • Leica S
    • Leica SL
    • Leica T
    • Leica Q
    • Leica X
    • Leica C
    • Leica V-Lux
    • Leica D-Lux
    • Leica Digilux
    • Vintage Leica (Screwmount or similar)
    • Other Leica (please comment which)
    • No Leica at all

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M4, M5, M4-P, M4-2, all the 'real' SL series, most of the R series, screw mount A and G, Viso 1,2,3, too many lenses to mention, Nikon F's, F3, F5, Hasselblads, Pentax 67, Horseman wide, and assorted lenses over time. Used in the past for freelancing.

Now use a Nikon D750, Nikon F100, Leica SL film, Leica Vario Elmar film compact, Pentax 67, Canon Powershot A720 compact digital, cell phone 'camera'. Lens selection is minimal. Film is mostly transparency.

FWIW; Years past, I found I could use the SL/R series just as, or more 'spontaneously' as my M camera's. Have little or no interest in Leica's current line-up - or direction - cell-phones?    

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M3, M4, Monochrom, M Edition 60

M lenses - 15(ZM), 21, 28(2), 35, 50(3), 75, 90


For all singing all dancing electronics - SL & 24-90 zoom

R lens - 180/2.8 & 2x extender


Forgot to mention SWC 

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I have started using a black Leica X 113 with Visoflex EVF this month which I absolutely love. I was starting to think Leica as I inherited a IIIg and an M3 from my father 2 years ago, both with 50mm f2 Summicrons. Up to now I have been using Nikon D7100, D80 and FM2n with a variety of prime lenses, not keen on zooms although I own them; I mostly use a 55-200mm kit lens at the zoo and for nature, my only long lens. I havent used film for a few years but I drift back to it now and then.  Basically I will only use a camera the size and weight of my classic Leica (photo below) so full frame Nikon is right out. The Leica X is now my favourite town camera of choice ;-) 

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I know we "large format photographers" are the last of the Mohicans, but one could not select "large format"


I still shoot a lot of 8x10 .... and 14x17 








Wow I just looked at your website ........there defiantly needs to be a category for what you do, Amazing work!!! ........but you already knew  that 

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M9, M4, M4-P, M2


Several 6x9 rangefinders, viewfinders, 4x5", 8x10

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My Canon 5D is used very little but I have kept it with the 17, 24, 90, TS-L lenses. It Leica ever offers a solution for these lenses, then the Canon will go.

I am hoping that an adapter, as the one offered for the A7R 11, will allow Canon lenses on the SL. This should be possible and would be a shrewd move for Leica to make.

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So... I have been shooting since early '70s and went digital kind of late, around 2006. I prefer manual cameras/modes and the Leicas are completely gimmick-free of course.


I'm not a Leica geek but the M9 is a really good "compromise" of small size, light weight, good image quality and lenses with GREAT character. Also like the rendering of the CCD. So it's always in my bag, as opposed to the larger camera systems which are used in a more planned manner.


Still have my B/W darkroom though with Durst Laborator enlargers etc. Nothing beats the smell of a fix bath  :-) and the blacks in a good paper is hard to beat.


For color its all digital, mainly using CaptureOne complemented by PhotoShop/LightRoom and Nik software for effects. Makes pretty good B/W prints as well.

Printing on Epson 3880 or lab. 



Leica M9 w Summicron 35/2 and Summilux 50/1.4 (older models from 60's/70's, love them)

Canon EOS1 & EOS5D with a bunch of L lenses (hate them)

Hasselblad H2 w PhaseOne IQ160 and a bunch of lenses (love them all)


Canon F1's with a bunch of lenses (still love the finder and needle matching, the lenses are showing their age)

Hasselblad 500 and 200's with a bunch of lenses (my all time favourites)

ArcaSwiss 9x12 F and Monolith series with Schneider lenses (slow is better!)


And if all else fails there is always the iPhone with Hipstamatic to save the day :-)

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M3, III, IIIc, IIIf, IIIg, R4s, SL2, Zeiss Super Ikonta, Rolleiflex Automat 6x6, Hasselblad 500c.

A small selection of cameras I have repaired/restored to working order for my own use & also some I have sold on,including many various lenses, 

Noel Young Camera Repairs & Restoration, Dublin

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Issue with my eyes mean I can no longer focus as well as I would like so I no longer use my M8. Now if only I could trade in and get the Q!

In the meantime I am using a Nikon and two Sony mirror less but they don't feel the same

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Leica M, analog and digital

Leica screwmount

Canon rangefinder

Nikon rangefinder

Minolta CLE

Olympus XA

Plaubel Makina 67W

Hexar AF


Mostly I use the CLE, PM67, and a DLUX.  Or an iPhone.

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frequently used (a few times a month)

Leica M9 w/ Leica M Summilux 50mm, various Voigtlander M/LTM & a Canon 135mm LTM lenses

Panasonic GX7 w/ m43 Leica Summilux 15mm & 25mm lenses (this replaced both a Fuji X-M & Canon S90)


used a few months of the year (usually on cold weekends)

Leica IIIb w/ Zorki Industar-22 5cm lens and sometimes a Voigtlander 35mm lens (this replaced a Pentax DSLR)


rarely used (just for moving cars/wildlife a few times a year)

Canon  20D and Canon 5D DSLRs


in possesion of, but can't say I actually use them: Canon A1, Canon S90

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The last 7 cameras I have used are:-

Voigtländer Bessa III 667

Contax RX with 50mm and 28-85 zoom

Panasonic GX7 (mostly with Oly 24-80/2.8 zoom)

Leica M

Sony Nex-7 with Sigma 30mm lens

Leica M3

Hasselblad 503CX with 120mm macro lens.

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I use a Leica S system, a Leica M system (both with only Leica lenses) and a Sony Alpha 7 system with Carl Zeiss lenses. I also have some 'toy' cameras around like the D-Lux etc. 

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After 40+ years with only Leica M and R I have recently switched over to the Sony A7 series and there is no looking back.

I will continue to use my D-Lux (109) which I really enjoy.

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I use the following camera gear for assignments and book projects: Leica M-E and an assortment of M lenses; Nikon D810 system; Fuji X-Pro1 system. Film cameras include:  M6 camera; Hasselblad system and 4x5, 11x14 and 12x20 Wisner field cameras. The color from the M-E is exquisite!

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