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Survey: Which Leica (or non-Leica) cameras do you use?

Which cameras do you use?  

1,088 members have voted

  1. 1. Which camera types and brands do you use?

    • Leica only
    • No Leica at all (please vote what else)
    • Leica and other manufacturer (please vote what else)
    • Nikon DSLR
    • Canon DSLR
    • DSLR (other manufacturer)
    • Mirrorless (other manufacturer)
    • Compact Camera
    • Medium Format
    • Smartphone
    • Analogue / Film
  2. 2. Which Leica camera systems do you use?

    • Leica M
    • Leica R
    • Leica S
    • Leica SL
    • Leica T
    • Leica Q
    • Leica X
    • Leica C
    • Leica V-Lux
    • Leica D-Lux
    • Leica Digilux
    • Vintage Leica (Screwmount or similar)
    • Other Leica (please comment which)
    • No Leica at all

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Leica Dlux and C when traveling and everyday use


Pen-F and Panasonc G7 mostly with Summilux 15 f:1,7, Summilux 25 f:1,4 and Vario-Elmarit 14-150 (4:3, via 4/3 to m4/3 adapter)


Sony A7II (only for manual focus) with Novoflex adapters for R, Contax and OM lenses. OM lenses from 28 mm down to 21, 35 mm up R (mostly) and Contax.


Digilux 2 for great fun.


Sigma DP-2 Merryl mainly for B&W work and Nikon 1 J5 for point and shoot for its great user interface for this type of photography.

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I did a terrible thing - I put my digital Leicas (two M9s) and auto Leicas (two M7S) into a remote storage locker. The feeling doing so was a gut-thing, it hurt. Looking on what is left are a couple dozen or so MF and LF cameras, half of which I built myself. Next is to pare them and put the remains to storage. Gut-wrenching as was when I gave away my library when I moved from a huge house to a one-bedroom cottage. Liberating is not easy. I do not really expect any benefit other than less distraction.


Aside: I wonder what it will be like when my sh*t-load of photo gear, most of it obsolete, is disposed of in an estate sale. Who would care, pay, or even know what's there? I have dreams of scenarios, none pleasant.


Time for the daily nap.

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I supplement my M, MM2, Q with


Canon 5Div and 50 1.2 for grandchildren (PDAF)

Oly EM1 ii for zoom

Ditched Fuji (dislike x trans) and Sony (dislike UI)

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My main cameras (90%) are a Leica MP and M4, further I shoot two Contax T2 (9%) and also own a Leica M5 Nikon F100, two Olympus Mju-II and Yashica 124G (combined about 1%)

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Leica  R 8,7 +4. LeicaFlex 1 & Leicaflex SL , M3 Contax G 2 and 1.

Minolta Dynax 7 although it's a bit too large is a great system camera.

Love the feel and build of  Portugise Leica R but the best are the old German Flexes are supreme . They are SLR equivalents of the M 3 and Far better than the R 6.2 However although the M 3 is a great camera it doesn't match Contax G2 with those fab lenses. So the Contax G system wins my vote for rangefinder. 

BTW I've given up on those Fisher Price  digital plastic cameras. I have used and like the limitations of film. 

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Only the cameras I really use, even occasionally :

Leica S2; LeicaM9, Leica X-U, Leica M5 and M6ttl. 

Non Leica: Sony A7r2 on Cambo mini view camera with enlarger and Zeiss (s-planar 74mm. )lenses.  Contax 645 for film, 


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Pretty much in this order : Working UR Replica #9, Null Series 1st version, Nikon Ftn Photomic, ...and mostly everything else just gets admired and fondled.    I like being self sufficient and BW developing and wet printing is enjoyable.  

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1.  No. I also use Pentax (DSLR)  and Canon (film)  at this point

 2. Leica M; TL; CL; D-Lux

     Pentax DSLRs: K-1; KP; K-3ii; K-5ii; K-S2

     Canon: FTBn; MC (film)


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11 hours ago, andyturk said:

Leica M + iPhone for uninteresting snapshots

I can’t imagine how you do that. If I only have my iPhone with me and a scene makes me say “wow”, I’m not going to refrain from snapping it.

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From the first moment I visited LUF my next steps brought me deeper and deeper into the Leica universe. Beginning with the X1 I quickly paired it with one of her older siblings, a Leica IIIC (with conversions to IIIF) and a couple of screw-mount lenses. Than followed the M4-P again with some lenses. As I acquired a chrome Summicron 50 DR I had to pair that with a matching body, so a Leica M3 came in the game. Also the underrated and in many reviews blasted Leica X-Vario found a good home in my house. As I am dedicated film photographer, I also regularly use my different film cameras from pocket cam to the small medium format (645). On my recent trip to NYC I had my Leica Minilux, my Ricoh GR1 and the M3 in my bag and brought home my best photo series so far. More than once I thought about letting the digital cameras go, but I somehow like them for some purposes and keep them. When the Leica Monochrom was presented I fell in love with the concept - but the price tag was too hefty for my bank account...

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