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Survey: Which Leica (or non-Leica) cameras do you use?

Which cameras do you use?  

1,113 members have voted

  1. 1. Which camera types and brands do you use?

    • Leica only
    • No Leica at all (please vote what else)
    • Leica and other manufacturer (please vote what else)
    • Nikon DSLR
    • Canon DSLR
    • DSLR (other manufacturer)
    • Mirrorless (other manufacturer)
    • Compact Camera
    • Medium Format
    • Smartphone
    • Analogue / Film
  2. 2. Which Leica camera systems do you use?

    • Leica M
    • Leica R
    • Leica S
    • Leica SL
    • Leica T
    • Leica Q
    • Leica X
    • Leica C
    • Leica V-Lux
    • Leica D-Lux
    • Leica Digilux
    • Vintage Leica (Screwmount or similar)
    • Other Leica (please comment which)
    • No Leica at all

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It's some years ago since we made our last survey about what cameras you use.

Leica has some new camera lines and new player entered the market.


I have two questions to you in order to get an overview again:


1. Do you use only Leica cameras? Or do you use DSLR or other camera types?


2. Which Leica product systems do you use?


In case I forgot an important option please leave a comment below.

I'll add it (if it doesn't make the survey too complicated)


Thanks for your votes!

I'll leave the survey open for 1 or 2 weeks, after that I'll publish an analysis.


And now please...


1. Cast your votes above (2x).


2. Comment below...


I'm curious about the results...

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1. Leica digital and film cameras (older and current) plus medium and large format film cameras.


2. Leica M system.

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...after using Leica IIIb, IIIc, IIIf, M3, M4, M5, SL2, CL, R3, R4-Mot, R6 and R8 in the course of my (long, I am 82) life.

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I voted Leica M and Nikon DSLR, however, I should note that I use increasingly R lenses on the M 240 with EFV with some satisfaction. If I buy and like the Leica SL with long AF lenses, I may sell off my Nikon system. Tom

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I use both digital and film.  I shoot a little less than 100 rolls of film a year (Bnw) and I shoot both Monochrom and Color in the digital side.  I confess I tried Fuji (XPro1 and X100s) for about a year, but ultimately the camera quality in the M is best.  I can hand hold a film camera to a 1/15 sec for still subjects and I cannot do that with other systems.  Nice survey!  Thanks...

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1C Standard, Model II, IIF, M4, M8, M9, M240, SL, C112, V-Lux20 and too many lenses to enumerate plus two pairs of Leica binocs. I also use Rolleiflex Medium Format 6x6cm and 4x4cm, Graflex 6x9cm, Contax RF and Minox 8x11mm. I have been using Leica since I was old enough to focus one at around age 10, a very long time ago. I also have an Olympus EP-5 as my regular digital back up camera, which at a pinch, can use Leica lenses. 



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Leica IIIf with Elmar 50 mm f/3.5, Summaron 35 mm f/3.5, and Canon 50 mm f/1.8.

Numerous other fully functioning old film Rangefinders.

Two Canon SLR: 7NE and T2.

My iPhone 6S Plus is my only digital


A couple years ago sold off all my Nikon cameras and lens; it was a boat load of kit.

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Have the M-P240 Safari that I love - am buying D-Lux typ 109 (grey) tomorrow to augment my camera collection.


Shot Nikon film and digital for 18 years, then moved to Fuji X-series mirror less (love it) but finally bit the bullet this last fall and bought Leica M series. Have 50mm f/2 and 24mm f/3.8.


I also have, and rarely shoot, a Mamiya RB67. Primary cameras for me today are Fuji X-T1 and M 240.


Looking forward to exploring with my new D-Lux.

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I voted Leica M + compact cameras + vintage Leica




My perfect camera would be an M240 shrunk down to the size of my old M6.




I know I'm asking just a few grams and not more than 5 mm in size, but form factor and weight are very important to me. Image quality of M240 is more then I actually need. In my opinion, it’s perfect.




Please, make M lighter and smaller and upgrade the viewfinder to a 0,85 mag.



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