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Help me decide which lens/lenses for the trip.

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I need help or some opinions ,on which lens should I take with me in the next trip to Mexico.

I'm thinking of taking just 2 with me out of 3 , or better just one.

To choose from: 50 Lux Asph, 35 Summarit f2.4 Asph and Tele-Elmarit 90 f2.8.



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Is this a photo trip or vacation and where are you going exactly?  Vacation will not allow a lot of time for fooling around with lenses or waiting for light to be right. 


Domke 5Xb will hold camera +3 in small package.  You need some camera protection anyway.  Has slot for a waist belt so you cross shoulder the bag and use the waist belt.  This stops grab and run thieves.


How much do you use the 90?  35 can be cropped to 50.


No on can tell you what to bring any more than what car to buy.

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I don't usually respond (positively

) to these threads but given the lenses you have listed I can say from my experience of taking a 35/50/90 set with me on travels in the past, I personally found I used the 35 approx 90% of the time and the 90 the other 10%.


But of course I can only speak from my perspective, which may be completely different from yours, hence the reason I usually don't respond!

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We visit Mexico a couple of times a year.  Leaving March 2 for Playa, in fact



A bit o guessing here, since you don't specify what you are going to do, however........


Visiting Mexico is about walking, and with that in mind I think less is more.  I'll be sort of evading the issue since I'll carry the MATE, but in the case of fixed primes I think i might select your 50mm and call it done.


I like my 90 for architectural details, but that's not what Mexico is about.  The ruins and archeological sites would be fine with a 50 and you would avoid some unnecessary weight.


The sort of market shots and street stuff Mexico presents seems like a 50 would be a satisfactory choice.

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Thank you for all the suggestions.

I will be in a resort but I plan to go out 4-5 times in different trips to the nearby city, ruins, etc. I won't be only in the resort.

I think that for convenience and security reasons the best choice will be just one lens from what I'm hearing. If I want to take some low light shots at night time also, I think that 50 Lux will be my choice.

Thanks for the input.



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Looking through your m240 and M9 Flickr galleries there didn't seem to be any photos you posted where a 90 was essential or could not have been handled by a 50. The ASPH gives you speed if needed or you want really shallow DOF and the Summarit would be a great lens to have on the camera until the 50 calls.

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I think you will want the 50 for some speed...so the 90 for some added reach.  If you don't think you need the speed...35/90.  50 as the single lens choice.


Again, it's really hard to say not knowing what you are looking to shoot and accomplish.  Are you looking to do something specific that requires speed and or a shallow DOF?   


Enjoy your trip!

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Thanks guys for advice.

Definitely I will do some night shots. Street shots also on my trips in nearby city, markets etc. Landscape also.

Another option I have , as someone suggested is to get a 21.

I found a cheap Voigtlander 21 f4 color skopar pancake, that it will be perfect for street and landscape shots. Compact also.

But I heard about corner issues , magenta  or greenish coloured corners. Does anyone used this lens on a M240 and with which code?

If it has no issues on a M240 ,21 and 50 it will be my choice and I will drop the 90.

What are your thoughts on Voigtlander 21 f4 color skopar?

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What?!?!  And you're not worried about damage or loss??

No, I'm not worried.


I've been doing it for 10 years with no issues. I wrap the lenses in a couple of pairs of socks and insert them firmly into a pair of shoes or boots. Keeps them securely in place and the shoes act as an effective lens case that prevents damage.

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