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Leica S - Contax 645 Adapter Australia


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Hi All, just wondering if anyone in Australia has the Leica S - Contax 645 adapter? I really want to try it out with a few lenses before i buy and the helpful folk in management of Leica in Australia wont bring one into the country unless its paid for up front!


Happy to pay a hire fee & shipping costs if need and i can get the item listed on my insurance schedule for the time that it would be with me!


Ping me an email if you can help out! Thx all


Wade - wade (at) wadeedwards (dot) com (dot) au

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Why don't you try mailing Leica in Germany, tell them how Leica Australia is not helping a possible customer, and that you will not buy if you can't try/rent. 


I've done this and I got the adapter a week later. Then bought it.

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