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Firmware Update, Don't Panic Like I Did

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Just performed the Leica Q firmware update and almost panicked. After the warm fuzzy feeling on the screen that said, UPDATE SUCCESSFUL, turned off the camera and turned it back on . . . Yikes, blank, black screen, dead camera? Turned on/off a couple of times and camera came to life. Not sure why the 'delay' but seems to be working fine.

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    • By LUF Admin
      Leica has updated the Leica Q2 (V 3.1) and Leica Q2 Monochrome (V 1.1) firmware.
      The Improvements:
      Pixel mapping to hide defective sensor pixels. Extended setting options for Touch AF when the electronic viewfinder is activated » Download Leica Q2 Firmware V 3.1
      » Download Leica Q2 Monochrome Firmware V 1.1
    • By Jeff Lee
      I just brought a D2 but I have a problem. When I turn on the D2 without the SD card all the function is good but once I inserted the SD card the shutter speed button is out of control. When I press down the shutter speed button it take around 10-15 seconds to shoot a photo and each 10-15 seconds it will automatically shoot another photo. And so wired when I look at the photo info in my PC it shows it is took by D3 not D2 but every time I reboot the camera it will allow me to press the shutter speed button again ... here is photo that I check my firmware in D2 ... anyone know how to fix it ? 

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    • By Shimo
      The Calonox View usb-c port supports charging and the transfer of data (pictures, videos).
      It works with usb-c to usb-a cables with chargers or computers which have an usb-a port.
      However, the port does not work with an usb-c to usb-c cable. I tested multiple cables and
      different chargers and computers. Always the same negative outcome.
      The Calonox View device comes with an strange usb-c to usb-a/video-chinch splitter cable.
      This cable works - but obviously for charging and data transfer per usb-a only.
      I can't find the reason for this unfortunate limitation - especially considering that
      usb-c shall replace usb-a ports.
      Has someone a solution?
      Also, I can't figure out how to update the Calonox View firmware - nor did I find any
      information regarding firmwares for this device on Leica's pages. In my case, the
      installed firmware is v5.0 but I'm wondering how Leica want's to maintain such a
      high-end device without software updates? Has anybody a solutionn to this problem?

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    • By Shimo
      Das Calonox View har eine USB-C Schnittstelle zum Laden des Akkus als auch zum Übertragen von Daten (Fotos). Verwendet man eine USB-C zu USB-A Kabel funktioniert die Schnittstelle auch sowohl am Rechner als auch mit verschiedenen Ladegeräten. Verwendet man allerdings ein USB-C zu USB-C Kabel, funktioniert die Schnittstelle nicht. Ich habe sowohl verschiedene Kabel, als auch verschiedene Netzteile und Rechner ausprobiert. Die Firmware auf dem Calonox View ist 5.0. Ich habe bisher keine Möglichkeit gefunden, wie man die Firmware aktualisieren kann, noch habe ich bei Leica eine neuere Firmware gefunden - was nachvollziehbar ist, da das Gerät ja neu auf dem Markt ist. Hat jemand bzgl. der USB-C Schnittstelle ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht? Weiss jemand wie man die Firmware aktualisieren kann?
      Ansonsten aber eine super Wärmebildkamera. Die Qualität ist wirklich Leica typisch super.

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    • By piran
      The manual focus' Magnification setting (x3 x6) does not specifically appear in the main menu. Whereas it can be optioned indirectly by defining Magnification in the Fn or the thumbwheel programmable areas. Shortage of firmware memory or missed out accidently?
      [ whilst in the actual manual focus screen ]
      Easiest method is by clicking the virtual joystick centre button to toggle through x3 & x6 (EVF or LCD). Quite why the top right icon stuff shows or declares [SET] seems pointless. The virtual joystick arrow buttons also directly steer the particular view being magnified (EVF or LCD). Neat though necessarily quite slow.
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