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As soon as there is fresh snow it is always worthwhile o look how our city looks like on top of the hill. This alley of beechtrees is marking the way to our fort.



Leica Q, F 1.8/ 1/25 /  1600 ISO






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many thanks to all of you!



thank you!

Yes, this light lasted for a few minutes as you know. My tripod was occupied with my 5D MKIII, otherwise I would have preferred not to shoot wide open but stop down to f-stop 8. Then it would have creatred these lovely starlights which came out very well on my MKIII. So next time the Q will be mounted on a tripod....



thank you, my friend for viewing my pictures continuously!



nice to have your comments.



yes, light quality was very nice then and as I told Graeme, I could only shoot only with an almost open lens. Next time I'll mount the Q on a tripod to get more starlights there.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying.



oh, you looked very deeply into this picture. Thank you for your analysis and writing a detailed comment. It is much appreciated.



so nice of you to like the picture and I feel we have a lot in common converning the view on things...thank you.



Friends, clicking the button - thanks to all!

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