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T with Nikon


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I have just found out about the T-Nikon adapter made by Novoflex. Anyone using it and able to give me their take on it?


I have been using T only with Kikkor lenses as you can see in my responses to Gary in this post. I am using AI lenses, as well as Nikkor AF zoom via Novoflex.


Novoflex works well  , and this is the only choice we have for Nikkor-T. I have seen cheaper adapter (made in china?) that people complained about for not working properly or not at all.


You can check some of my shots in LUF different photo forums. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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Not directly on the T,  but I have used the new 60 2.8 micro and older 60 2.8 R lens on my D800 Nikon.   Depending on the scene,  there is a color difference with the Nikkor favoring bright punchy greens that shows even in raw.  The Japanese films are the same compared to european.   I have read Fuji digital and Leica are the same difference.  


Do not use some cheap adapter.   Some can have poor plating, wrong thickness,  not lock securely, same as all the Chinese adapters.

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There are many of my shots in this T forum. They are all made with Nikkor lenses via Novoflex. So far, it has been working perfectly for me and the IQ is excellent!

You must set the blue ring on the Novoflex to the smaller "circle" and chose your aperture on the lens. If using a G lens, such as my Nikkor 17-55 zoom which does not have any aperture to set, you must put the blue ring on the smaller circle when mounting the zoom or the lens, then using the blue ring as it was your aperture.

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