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1.4.3 Doubles Autofocus Speed?

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The most recent LFI issue covers the new TL lenses coming out, and I think many of us are very interested in the upcoming 35mm Summilux that delivers a 50mm FOV (52.5mm if you want to split hairs on a 1.5 crop factor). The LFI article claims the firmware upgrade 1.4.3 doubles autofocus speed. 


I can't verify this. I only have a 50mm Summilux-M and to be utterly honest, if the Q's manual-by-wire implementation is as good as it's been reviewed, then maybe, just maybe, a full-on T system with TL lenses is in my future since I get my manual focus when I want and snappy autofocus the rest of the time.


Can anyone verify if the AF has indeed doubled, and would my fellow T users who use TL lenses confirm if they're happy with the speed of the autofocus in general?

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I can't absolutely say the AF speed has doubled, but it is MUCH zippier than before. My 23mm T prime and 18-56mm zoom both auto-focus faster but still hunt sometimes in very low light.


Having the ability to half-press the shutter and use the focus collar to manually focus (when in AF mode) is a good backup plan for these times when the AF hunts excessively.


I am very pleased overall with the 1.43 firmware improvements.


I hope this is helpful.

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I should clarify - LFI states that 1.4 'doubles' the AF speed, I wrote 1.4.3 because it's the latest firmware.


I love 1.4.3 because it finally made my EVF totally responsive - prior to this, I had to turn on my T, pull the EVF off and slide it back on to get the T to recognise it. I had assumed it was a hardware issue (my T went back to Germany right out the box for a non-responsive rear screen for 2 months, I didn't want to lose it for another 2 months so was willing to live with this) but lo and behold it was fixable with a firmware upgrade

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