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Leica R to SL adapter and R-Extenders

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I hope the Leica R to SL adapter will be better behaved than the R to M adapter.  Please see:


Hint: Leica, please take note.  Otherwise, everyone will use a Novoflex or the stacked R-M-SL adapters.  Also, we need the full aperture focus / close-down feature.  To sell a High-priced Leica-branded adapter, Leica has to include the High-level features!
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Not sure what your cautionary is about. 


I have both Macro Adapter R and 2x Adapter-R. The levers are spring loaded ... I have no problems using them on the SL with the adapter stack. I've used them both, individually and in combination, with all my lenses from 50mm to 250mm. 


If if the springs in the adapters are weak or dead (from age or lots of use), you should have them serviced. 

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