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I wasn't sure if this classed as street or just people so I put it here to be safe. Another shot from my trip to the Christmas markets in Manchester last weekend. We bought a lovely set of nutcracker Christmas tree decorations from this market stall and I managed to snap this quick photo whilst my wife was queuing to pay. C/C always welcome.




Nutcracker Man by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr

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    • By Harpomatic
      Hello everyone,
      as I mentioned before I have been working on a comparison of Leica M 50mm lenses.
      I compared 10 of them. I ended up with an enormous amount of information and really long articles.
      You can read the whole thing, only the summaries, or only the conclusions.
      I am posting it here because I hope it's going to be a good resource for the community, clarifying quite a few doubts and answering a lot of questions that are often asked here. I would love to see a discussion coming out of it here on the forum, we all have different opinions and my conclusion might differ from yours. If so, do tell! I want conversation!
      The article is in 4 parts:
      https://www.47-degree.com/focus-shift/leica-m-50mm-lens-comparison-part-1, the introduction and first tests,
      https://www.47-degree.com/focus-shift/leica-m-50mm-lens-comparison-part-2, the technical analysis,
      https://www.47-degree.com/focus-shift/leica-m-50mm-lens-comparison-part-3, the bokeh and portrait rendering, 
      https://www.47-degree.com/focus-shift/leica-m-50mm-lens-comparison-part-4, the conclusions.
      The lenses in the article are, of course all 50mm:
      Nokton 1.1
      Nokton 1.2
      Nokton 1.5
      Nokton 1.5 II
      Summilux ASPH
      Summicron v5
      Zeiss Planar
      Zeiss C Sonnar
      7Artisans 1.1
      TTArtisans 1.4
    • By Cronilux
      ich biete hier mein hervorragend erhaltenes Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 black paint mit 6-bit Codierung an. Ein Leica Echtleder Köcher ist außerdem dabei.
      Das Objektiv hat keine Kratzer, kein Fungus, keinen Staub. Die Fokusring läuft einwandfrei und geschmeidig. Die Blende Rastet schön ein und es ist kein Öl auf den Blendenlamellen.
      Ich bin kein Sammler und nutze mein Noctilux einfach viel häufiger. Also darf das gute Stück hier den Besitzer wechseln.
      Versand ist versichert möglich. Zahlung per Paypal Friends auch kein Problem.
      Lieben Gruß
      ———————- English ———————
      I am offering my excellently preserved Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 black paint with 6-bit coding. A Leica real leather quiver is also included.
      The lens has no scratches, no fungus, no dust. The focus ring runs flawless and smoothly. The aperture locks in nicely and there is no oil on the aperture blades. I am not a collector and I just use my Noctilux much more often. So the good piece can change hands here. 
      Insured shipping is possible. 
      Payment by PayPal Friends is also no problem. 
      The lens can also be collected in Berlin, Germany. 
    • By Holger1
      Verkaufe aus Sammlung ein neuwertiges Summarit-M 2,4/90mm, E46 (11 684) ohne sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren.
      Mit Front-u.Rückdeckel, Metalldeckel, Gegenlichtblende mit Deckel und Köcher; ohne Originalverpackung.
      Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. I only send within EU
    • By Julius Yls
      Hi All, I am sharing my short article few years back when I traveled around France for a month just carrying one body (ME) and one lens (50mm Summilux). It was a regret decision for the fist 1 week but I am enjoying the thrill after that :D. I wonder if you guys have the same experience with just relying on 1 lens for your long trip.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By urmel
      Leica M9 schwarz mit neuem CCD Sensor, Revidiert zu verkaufen
      720 Auslösungen mit altem CCD Sensor. Mit dem neuen, ersetzten CCD Sensor 0 (keine) Auslösungen,
      neue Belederung der Kamera.
      Neuer original Lithium-Ionen-Akku, 3,7 V, 1900 mAh
      Sehr guter Zustand der Kamera
      Mit allem Zubehör, Handbücher, Kamera in/mit Originalverpackung komplett.

      Leica Zertifikat und Originalrechnung vom Leica Service Ersatz des CCD Sensors.
      Versicherter Versand
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