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Leica M (Typ 262) - Reduction to Rangefinder Photography (at 1000 € less)

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You'll be telling us that Leica lenses are meant to be used wide-open next.


I don't see anything wrong. Wide open Leica lenses are spectacular (old and new). Yesterday at night I was taking a picture of a transformers and wires of a power plant: Night, dark, just a light over from a lamp, Leica MP + Noctilux @0.95 + TriX  @400 1/8 sec.  I hope to develop the film tomorrow and see if I'd need a flash :-)

BTW, I've never used a flash with M cameras; with other cameras and image-formats I often need it in low light situation.

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He says that every part in the M240 was changed from the M9, except the structure of the RF, but that the RF accuracy was improved.  I appreciate your further explanation, as a prior discussion on the topic was left with only speculation.

For some reason I still don’t quite understand Leica had kept mum about their modifications to the rangefinder and the new calibration method, but eventually I could talk to the man responsible for rangefinder developent to add some substance to the speculations – see LFI 1/2015.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

 I was referring to the fact that I am unfamiliar with how quiet the M240 is, compared with the upcoming Typ 262. 



I trust that you read the section on the quieter, faster shutter re-cock (titled in bold).  


As to how much quieter, the only way to really know is to try one (unless someone records it for you, but that's still not the same as being there).   That's what I did when the the M240 appeared, and I brought my M8.2 to the dealer to compare.



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I totally agree and hope to see a sleeker one in the future and an immediate wakeup just pressing release button (so it'd be as fast as the analog M)



As regards the announcement I'm very happy and to me Leica is now in the right direction. Amenities in the SL, solid fundamental functions in the M.

Very good job Leica!!!


That is only likely to happen when there is a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology.


Even so, the other factor that you can't overcome if the flange to sensor distance required by M lenses. Digital sensors are simply thicker than film and adding an LCD just compounds the problem.


Ignoring the battery issue, you might possibly thin out the body and simply make a pedestal for the flange mount so that it stays where it is, but I suspect that people will start complaining that the camera is uncomfortable to hold.


I can live with the size. The M240 is actually a tiny bit thinner than my M8 (when you factor in button heights and the M240's thumb rest).


Unless Leica offers a new line of lenses with a shorter flange to sensor distance, you are pretty much assured that the total width of the M series digital cameras is about as tight as it can get.

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A year ago if I could've chosen between a new 262 and demo 240 for the same money, I would've chosen the 262 in a heartbeat.  Now however, after owning 240's, I would not want a 262.  I have never and will never use video mode, but although I rarely use live view/EVF I have come to appreciate it being there.  I've gotten many close-up shots in my travels using a 50 or 90 and OUFRO spacers which I would not have otherwise; and shooting 12, 15 and 21mm lenses has become much more convenient not having to carry 3 separate finders and switch them along with the lenses.  

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Now two features make me a little less happy.

No more live view though live view (and the EVF) can be very invaluable for a photographer.

Macro, long focal lenses, " real " view with wide angles, judging a picture during framing for light reflexions, many uses.

Last (light) critic the new aluminium top that does not stay as beautiful as brass when used a lot.





188 postings and at last someone has pointed out that with the dispensation of live view the current 90mm macro lens+ adapter would make focusing mere guesswork. (I believe the earlier goggle type fitment is no longer available.)

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Isn't that how American say it? ('aloominum'.)

In most languages of the world including (British) English the metal is spelled ‘aluminium’ or similar (Italian ‘alluminio’, Spanish ‘aluminio’, Turkish ‘alüminyum’ etc.); only in US English is it spelled ‘aluminum’.

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This vaguely reminds me of the Nikon DF conceptually because of no video and simpler controls.

And funny enough, the DF is holding value better than any other Nikon FF


The quiet shutter is huge. I am literally banned from some events for shutter noise. Even when not I get dirty looks in some situations. I can't blame them. Elk respond to my A7.mod shutter at 40 yards. I'm not kidding. The M9 is a little better. The 240 is alot better, but still way too loud for certain events.


People who say it makes no difference don't use the camera in those places, I guess. Or they are oblivious.


The SL may well be a commercial flop even if it's a technically solid camera.

Wake me when they meet demand


I have little or no use for LV or video, less still on my MM246. But a Monochrom '262'? .......now we're talking.

This is brilliant.
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I did see the part about the shutter but there is no dealer in my city unfortunately.

Sometimes that's when other forum members come in handy....I suspect there will be some buyers near you....might cost a beer, though.


Most all reputable Leica dealers, though, are used to mail order and will allow for returns.  I guess you're no longer in Melbourne....isn't there a Leica Store?



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