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Bill Livingston

Brighton Graffiti 2015

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Thank you Stuart.


It seems a little weird photographing someone else's 'art', but every time I go to Brighton on business I end up walking past this graffiti and it always makes me stop and think about the creativity and the imagination involved.


I take no credit for the vision, but thank you for the compliment on the capture.

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Nice work, Bill. I like the internal dilemma that artistic (vs tagging) graffiti creates - The original "Not-in-my-backyard" conflict. Like Adam, the 2nd shot is the one that I like best.


Nothing wrong with photographing others' public works - The cartoon murals of Brussels are a favourite for me.

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Thank you to both of you.


my particular favourite is the first one... I like the colours and I'm very happy with the 'white square' of the upper right in the composition which is then broken up into little shapes within it... for some reason, it makes me feel that the large face in the meter box (partially covered by the wheelie bin) has fallen from the overall picture. Nonsense probably, but I quite like the way it works in my head.


The second picture was the artwork I was first impressed by when I saw this all a few weeks before... I too loved the colours and the depth. When I got there, there were cars parked all around it, so I had to choose an angle quite carefully and, luckily, I found something that added to the perspective and at the same time opened up the composition to make a 'half and half' shape within it... or rather, five vertical 'sections' that first appear as 'half and half'...


The third picture is actually quite interesting from the perspective of the graffiti artists though... If you look for the lamp post, you can see that the artist has painted it into the back drop and in the picture it is hardly noticeable. In real life, it is completely lost if you stand at the correct angle. I was trying to find an angle where it was 'just' noticeable... but it's still pretty impressive artwork.


There is quite a lot more... one stands out... 'Unconditional love'... but it is very long, slightly older than the rest, and has other artwork around it in patches. It's just the words... But broken up in different styles... The 'UN' at the start is in Stars and Stripes, 'conditional' is very stark and the word 'love' is red and almost too flowery ... so as a cynical statement, it works really well... perhaps with the slight hope at the end with the romantic treatment of the word 'love...'


When I am down there next I will try and find a good angle and see if I can capture it well enough to post here.


There is a lot of talent in some of the graffiti you see around the country... I'm quite tempted to document some of it as a little project...

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Hi Bill,


After looking at these, I came the same conclusion as Adam on the second photo.  I agree with you on the 4th and see where you were going there, I still think its pretty cool. Go back and shoot it again!

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