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Finger tap accuracy when auto focusing

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I find that the onscreen small focusing square is never where I tap the screen or at least I don't think it's where I tapped the screen.


Is this a bug or is it a problem with my finger tip / tapping technique?


Does anybody else notice this inaccuracy?

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I tried it, briefly, a while back. Found, like you, that where I tapped didn't always mean the shot was in focus, usually, it wasn't in focus.

Dismissed the idea as a gimmick and haven't tried it since.


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I don't use that method so I don't know how accurate it is. I know you have to be fairly close on other taps so it may just be inaccuracy.

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I have only actually tried it twice and it seemed to work, but normally I use spot or centre-weighted.

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You must be referring to Touch AF. I use it a lot in M or A, and like you, it does not AF to where I selected in some cases. It seems that the response is based on the pre-defined AF points on the screen. I have the sony which has a similar function and works the same. In fact, you cannot select an AF point at the corners. What's missing for me is the ability to zoom in at that point (think it's called pixel peaking) and check if I needed to adjust focus or not. Another consideration is the lens distance to the subject, it won't work if the minimum distance is not met.

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