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Q user? What is your age, or approximate age, etc.?

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Hi, I'm soon to be Q2 owner, I wish. Already at age 51 and wondering when those years went by. I've been making pictures since 17 years old. My father was enthusiastic amateur photographer, and I didn't want to follow him, until as said in the age of 17. Father then didn't shoot that much when I started, but he loved to collect old cameras and repaired them. 

I bought pre-owned Nikkormat EL as my first camera, recommended by a good friend of mine. And later acquired also pre-owned Nikon 301. I have those both still in my cabinet. And couple of very affordable used lenses, 50mm F1.2 Nikkor, 135mm F3.5 Nikkor and 28mm Kiron. I also had own photo lab, but developed myself only B&W pictures. Money was tight and I couldn't shoot as much as I would have wanted to.

When digital era started I was a bit confused and lost interest to photography for a period of time. When my first daughter was born 2002 I bought Canon Ixus v2 and later Digital EOS D350/Rebel XT when the second daughter came to my life. (I actually sold EOS D350 just recently, it was a loaner to my father, and when he passed away I couldn't keep it, too painful) 

I've then made a long journey with digital cameras, both ILC and compact, Sony a57, RX100Mk1, RX100Mk4, Olympus Pen E-PM2, Pen E-P5, OM-D M-10.1, Fuji X-T1, X100S, X10 and back to Olympus OM-D E-M5.2, Nikon Df and latest Leica M8 (and forgot some compacts :)). I already had "restricted" my cameras to few: Olympus E-M5.2 and E-P5 together with Nikon Df. But then I saw mint M8 and bite the bullet. Rest is history, I gave my Fuji X-T1 to my younger son and before that Sony RX100Mk1 to older one. I hope I could lure them to photography. My daughters are making photos, but both are using just iPhones although I've provided them more serious cameras, also. 

Now I'm planning to keep only Nikon Df, Leica M8 and coming Q2. Olympus Pen E-P5 is borrowed to my wife, this way I can keep it in the family 😎. I just love the looks of that camera. 

I mostly shoot nature, landscape, architecture and events, occasionally street. I'm also learning zen-photography, it is the work-life balance thing. I wish I had the eye for professional/art photography, but I do not. Therefore I just meditate and ease stress with photography. I love beautiful items, like cameras, and I must resist the temptation and keep only those I really use. I'm quite confident Q2 will ease the burden of Df and M8, and be my main tool in future, almost can't wait to get mine. But the day is closer and closer :)

Nice to watch all these fine pictures you all are making!  


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Great thread and WONDERFUL reading--thanks so much to you all for sharing your photographic/artistic journeys!  I am somewhat surprised at how similar many of these stories are to each other and to my own--for some reason I expected a broader diversity.  My condensed journey:

- Approaching 60, but have been enamored with photography since childhood.  Had several Kodak Instamatics and Polaroids like many American children of the 60s, but really became serious around age 12 when I began developing and printing all my own B&W work.

- Started with an inherited Voightlander Vitomatic IIa, then saved and scraped to buy my first SLR, a Nikkormat FTN with a 50mm f/2 Nikkor.  That Nikkormat and various Nikkor and Vivitar lenses served me well for over 25 years when I finally "upgraded" to a Canon EOS Elan IIe with eye-controlled focus (LOVED that feature) and the consumer-grade Canon 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.  Moved to a Canon EOS A2E and L-Series 24-70mm f/2 before divesting ALL my film gear in 2006-ish to downsize and move to digital...

- Spent the first 10 years of my digital phase with various Canon, Sony, and Panasonic point-and-shoots, and then finally bit the bullet for a DSLR with the Canon 6D and a bunch of L-Series lenses.  I still love shooting with that system, but have added the Fujifilm X-T2 with XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for general travel, and the X100F for around-the-house family shots.

- The Q2 is now my latest addition to the arsenal, which I anticipate auditioning for travel use as well as for other more thoughtful and artistic endeavors.  As I said in a previous post, there is something immensely alluring and, dare I say 'spiritual', about a finely crafted precision instrument, and the feel and communion one experiences with the tools of one's art or craft.   The Leica has just that appeal, as others have so beautifully stated elsewhere in this forum.  So, with great eagerness and anticipation I look forward to this first venture (for me) into the Leica world...

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Began in 1959 with Kodak Brownie Hawkeye.  I added a Nikkorex F w/50mm f2.0 and a Beseler 23 C w/50mm Schneider Componon in 1964. Sold the Nikkorex and bought a Nikon Photomic Ftn w/50mm f1.4 in 1967.  Took a Minox B with me into the Navy.  Found a Rollei SL66 in Naples, Italy for 1/2 the US price in 1968.  Bought a 3 lens SL66 used outfit in 1974 which I still have.  I also added a Simmon Omega D2XL Dichroic with an 80mm Rodagon.


In 2012 I reunited with some of my combat buddies and learned about disability.  With the back pay I bought a Leica S2P w/120mm Summarit.  I added a 70mm and 35mm later.  I bought a Q in 2015.  Recently I bought a used 007, because my S2P has sensor corrosion.


Since high school I have coveted Leica as the ‘best camera in the world.’  During my working years I was a camera store manager.  


I raise orchids to photograph.


My digital knowledge is minimal, because I came to it as late as I did.

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