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New firmware 1.4 available

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No problem with panning once you get used to the screen.


A padlock is shown when you lock any of the dial controlled functions (e.g. EV, ISO, Program, etc.).


To unlock, just rotate one of the dials to show the functions on the top right hand side of the screen and press/hold the locked function until unlocked (an open padlock will be shown - press/hold if you want to lock any dial controlled function again).


If that doesn't work, just send an email to Leica's customer care or your local Leica retailer. I had some queries with the camera's behaviour in the past and both were very helpful.




Thanks, didnt know about the ability lock the button, nice feature.


About the image scroll, I think it's related to screen autorotate. I can sort of reproduce the defect if I take a picture in portrait and zoom and pan the image in landscape mode inte same go so to say. The zoomed image won't pan when I try to inspect. If I flip the camera to portrait I can pan. If you then exit the view mode, take a picure in landscape and then view the previuos portrait image the camera will allow panning again. Sort of complicated. But hey, its a nice camera anyhow and I can imagine the task keeping track of all the states the camera can have in software. It's a feat if anything I would say. 

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Hi all T owners . Could you please advise if I have to instal firmware 1.4 before installing the update 1.43 .

Many thanks

You shouldn't have to.

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