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Once you have hardware, SUPPORT is what makes pro camera


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Probably the most important thing for a professional camera is real support.


Leica has great hardware but so much of the camera these days really comes down to software. They NEED to support the hardware platform over time with good solid software support. When bugs are found, they need to track them and fix them.


I hope by by making this a professional camera with so many of its features targeted at the pro market,  they are building in the cost of long term support into the price of the camera. I really hope Leica understands that they can't deploy such a large portion of their software engineering team to the next product. They need to reserve a portion of them to current products and have them responding to customer feedback and fixing bugs.


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A very good point. If Leica shipping and servicing takes months (as it does on this side of the globe) I can see that would be a turn-off. Apart from features and quality results, other elements of a pro camera surely are reliability and consistency.

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