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Leica SF-40 Flash Unit


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The specs say manual and TTL only.


Yes, I think that is the case. Which is a pity for me because I want to use the flash with my non-TTL film bodies and auto mode is the easy option. I might still get one because, if it is like the i40, it has a direct dial for manual output which makes adjusting the flash very easy (I'd just need to meter the flash at different outputs and subject distances and try and memorise the key settings

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It flashes but that is all. No control. 

Not surprising as the control pins in the hot shoe have a different layout. The Pana Leicas have the same layout as Olympus/Panasonic cameras but the M and X series are different - similar to Nikon but the control systems are different.

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IMO the benefit of TTL flash it rather limited. I guess I'll stick with my ancient Metz32CT7. The only Leica M shaped flash ever.

Superb, if dated, user interface and very good results. Fully functional on an Nikon 343SCA adapter too

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Any idea wether or not this flash will work with TTL with the first version monochrom (M9)?  It'd be really awesome if it did but I'm worried it won't. Also, it would be really awesome if I could use it with whatever wireless feature they are talking about. I love off camera flash but Leica seems to really not want to make that easy for me!

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