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Leica SL (Typ 601) - Mirrorless System Camera Without Compromise

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Hi There I tried: WATE 28 elmarit asph 28 summilux 35 summicron  35 FLE 50 'lux 50 APO On the M240, the Sony A7ii and the SL at infinity (well, actually about 2 km)   Sadly I didn't have a 28 'cron to try, but the basic conclusion is that the M240 is still best, but the SL is a quantum leap better than the A7ii (which still shows a little smearing with the 50 APO 'cron at f8) The SL didn't show any smearing, but the corners were a little less good than those of the M240, especially f

Dimensions:   Leica SL: 147 × 104 × 39 mm (W × H × D). 847 g with battery.   Nikon D4: 160 x 156.5 x 90.5 mm (W × H × D). 1,340 g with battery.   Let's not overreact regarding size and weight. It's fine.

Posted Images

Wilson, you never know what will happen in Leica Land. The advent of the SL could even push the price of the 28-90 Vario-Elmarit-R up a little further if, as is possible, a few SL buyers go looking for the best "legacy" lenses to rationalise their latest investment.



Interestingly there is no listing for adapters on the SL accessories list that I could see. I don't know if M lenses need an adapter, I assume they do. Certainly R lenses will or use the R to M plus M adapter. However I never like multiple adapters, no matter how good quality they are. 



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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I assumed there had to be but they cannot be out yet as there are no prices listed. I hope for SL buyers that this will not be a repeat of R to M farce, where the adapters were around 9 months later than initially indicated. 



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Here also:


Pending the SL>R adapter (fall 2016) R lenses can be used by stacking T>M and M>R adapters if i understand well.

This arrangement has been tested by Sean Reid as reported iin his review and it works triggering a R lens menu from which to choose the lens in use.

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That photo that's doing the rounds of the lady holding a massive SL looks like just wide angle distortion to me: the apparent massive size does not match up with the specified dimensions.

Once again, here's a pic showing it compared to a D800E with 24-120 f4 zoom, as well as a Q ....  https://www.flickr.com/photos/mingthein/21615453253/in/dateposted/


BTW, the hood for the zoom will apparently be sold separately, at $255 according to B&H.  Of course, Leica.



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Appears to me that Leica deems their SL to be the industry's first PRO-GRADE, FULL-FRAME MIRRORLESS.  Maybe Leica believes mirrorless will replace much of today's DSLR market, and they recognize that Nikon and Canon are slow to develop their own full frame, pro-grade mirrorless models.  So Leica aimed at the high-end of this space where profitability should be best, and where the Leica brand has maximum pull.


The SL looks to me like an overgrown Leica T (angular, milled from block of aluminum, fixed touch screen LCD), with larger hand grip and an integrated EVF.   But it's weather sealed, with dual card slots, high frame rate, large buffer, leading-edge EVF, fastest autofocus (claimed anyway...but what about dim lighting?), sturdy build...in other words, "pro grade."   Lenses appear high quality and feature very usable focal lengths too (24-90 is really great all-around FL, and 90-280 offers more reach than typical 80-200).  Is Leica building these new lenses, or sourcing from a Japanese partner?


Leica should be commended for taking a bold step to grow and lead the way in what should be a profitable segment.  Canon and Nikon's entry into this space will make a big impact one day, so Leica needs to capitalize on their first-mover advantage.


Leicas pricing, however...a disappointment...does it need to be this high to meet profit objectives?   Maybe they expect to be supply constrained so figure they can charge an exorbitant price.   But I wish they would price this far lower (eg, $8K incl lens) to establish a beach head and good word-of-mouth in the real world among pros/enthusiasts, not price them so high they collect dust on store shelves.  I just question how many early adopters they'll get at this price, but they should know their market by now and it's their call to make, so we'll just have to see how things go.


And Leica might be looking past Sony as a player in this segment, but I do not.   The A7R2 is a real competitor in this space even if it's not a rugged "pro" model by everyone's definition, and it's FAR more affordable, featuring a state of the art 42MP BSI sensor and phase detection.  Wish this Leica SL had a fold-out LCD and more MP for cropping.   


By the way, does someone know who makes the 24MP SL sensor?   Is it same sensor as the Q (and who makes that)?

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I assumed there had to be but they cannot be out yet as there are no prices listed [...]


Adapters for R lenses are available already. One just have to stack them as confirmed by Ario above: 
- Leica R-Adapter M (order # 14642)
- Leica M-Adapter T (order # 18771) 
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Is that enough?


The more I think about this camera, the more disappointed I become, sadly.


Oddly enough, however, I think it looks nice.  


I'm not sure I understand, Peter. What did you think the camera would be?


It's full frame AF, with what seems to be the same sensor as the Q, which we expected. It takes all Leica lenses, and three new L mount AF mounts. I can't imagine Leica doing more. If you think back to the S release, few lenses were announced at that time as well. And it took them ages to get lenses out. 


Sounds like the AF, EVF and video implementations address what the M(240) did not so well. Can you explain more what disappoints you?  It's exactly what I expected, with the pleasant surprise of how well it looks like Leica has implemented the design and the UI. It costs more than I'd hoped (but I think we all knew it would be expensive), and it's bigger, but then that's no surprise either, really. 

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By the way, does someone know who makes the 24MP SL sensor?

Leica won’t tell but there are some speculations making the rounds.


Is it same sensor as the Q (and who makes that)?

A similar sensor, though not the exact same one.

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Look on pair according to Sean Reid's vegetables

at first glance.

According to Sean Reid, performance with critical RF lenses IS NOT on par with Leica M 240. Surely, not all RF lenses are critical. He will publish more articles on this topic, comparing RF 9 lenses (15-50mm) with SL and M 240

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