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I have been enjoying my T esp with M lens and find this camera a joy to use.  I decided to stop my GAS and truly get to learn the camera.  I sat  with the manual ( after having the camera now for about a year), and am trying to learn as much as I can.

the English section of the manual states that you can use the right dial to adjust the Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation( yes I know I can do his in my image processing), once I enter a film mode such as STANDARD.  The right dial ( or left for that matter) does not do as described.  I contacted Leica and they corroborated that fact.


when I use the touchscreen it only has 2 positions- halfway and all the way to the end to adjust these settings

there is no fine tuning. 

I was out of town his week and had no Comouter or Internet access so wanted to learn how to make these changes for the future.  Anyone tried this before?


this is the second problem I found with the manual.  The first was trying to do Program shift using the dip.  Apparently it won't work in Auto Iso- not mentioned in the manual. A call to Leica again is what explained why my Program shift was not working as the manual suggested


hope is helps someone else who may have the same question. 

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when I use the touchscreen it only has 2 positions- halfway and all the way to the end to adjust these settings

there is no fine tuning. 



Not that it is much help, but there are 5 positions, middle, extreme left and right and middle point between center and max.

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