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Not all SD cards are created equal

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I picked up my second T body and got a free 16gb SD card. After setting up the camera and formatting the SD card, I noticed the following...




Do you see the discrepancy? 


One is reporting 1,967 and the other 1,968 shots. 


The cards in question



I have tried swapping the cards around and even formatting the cards in camera and it is still the same. 


The Extreme always reports 1,967 while the Ultra reports 1,968. I have tried with different sets of Extreme and Ultra, and the end result is always the same. 



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I wonder what the extra file is on the Ultra - as both are 16GB. I am using 16GB & 32GB Samsung cards, Extreme Plus (80 MB/s) and Sony 16 GB (94 MB/s) and DNG+JPG setting for the format on the T. The 16GB report either 488 for the Samsung and for Extreme Plus 492 and 964 for the Samsung 32GB.

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Even the same card can report less remaining space with the same number of files over time because it de-allocates sections due to faulty media, and all SD cards have faulty media, although it is so well managed it is difficult to detect.


The reports can be different because the embedded hardware-firmware is a different version. It is a small price to pay for reliability.


Formatting does not change this because the reserved area which maintains the list of bad sections is protected,  not touched when formatting, regardless of the type of format.

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