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Leica Q Tip of the day.

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Since many are just now getting their cameras, and some have been very good in offering suggestions in the use of the camera it is helpful to offer a place to share user experiences.


How about those that have ideas how best to set up and use the Q, post their tips here. 


I am happy to start.


Using the Function button has been helpful in making quick changes to settings.  Hold down for a couple of seconds and you can quickly pick up a new setting for the FN button.


I use the meter function as my standard FN function but sometimes will use to set for Jpeg images which I have configured to B/W.







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Here's my tip. 

I've successfully added my Thumbs Plus from my M9.   It isn't quite the correct shape for the Q and blocks the button that controls the Crop...   but ....  If I put pressure on the shank, there is sufficient flexibility in the shank to transfer pressure to the button.  Some models of Thumbs Plus won't work because they are too short.  It works reliably for me.

It may not look like it, but the thumb wheel is still easily turned. 







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If you shoot RAW/DNG and want to save space on your card for more images since currently the firmware saves both the DNG and JPEG, set the JPEG size to its smallest size which will allow the card to hold more combined images as a result.


Hopefully, Leica will permit a DNG save only with a firmware update, but this helps quite a bit until then....Mike

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I just wonder is it a short way to change quickly Standard to Monochrome setting of Jpeg - whithout using menu and scrolling there... 


No.  Not on the Crop button, but you can put File Format (Raw +JPG or JPG ONLY) on to the Function (FN) button.  

Thats not really what you want.

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Funny you say this as I am finding that taking the Q with me on all my outings is my habit now.  It has been some time since I wanted to do this.  One lens makes it so easy to decide what to take, nothing but a spare battery. 

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Something I found useful is the ability to see highlight clipping pre shutter release. It's already helped save a few of my shots that were under difficult lighting conditions, queuing me to drop the exposure compensation when I might not of otherwise. Usually this is shown in the image review but engaging before the shot with a half depressed shutter is better if you can only get one shot or the lighting conditions are fluid.

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small one, but so far it's been working pretty good. I noticed the felt on the inner edge of the lens cap was being pushed away, there's a seam where the 2 ends meet and when you put the cap on it has a tendency to come off at those corners. I very carefully used a tiny bit of super glue to re adhere the corners and used a plastic tool to burnish them down, so far so good!

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