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Leica book reference

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Aside from the Erwin Puts books, which I have, with the exception of Leica Chronicles, Which book on Leica history would be considered the best overall account of Leica history? Would it be Keller's A History of the Leica Camera?

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The recent "Eyes Open!  100 Years of Leica" (H.M. Koetzle, Kehrer Verlag, 2015) is excellent and beautifully done.  Much like G. Osterloh's excellent "50 Years Leica M" (2004), Emil Keller's books (on the Wetzlar factory, and on Ernst Leitz NY) are also quite good, though of somewhat narrower focus (basically a company history, whereas by "Leica history" one could plausibly include the history of 35mm photography with Leica equipment, and the subject is so vast it is impossible to cover in a single book).  

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Thanks for the reference to LHSA. I do intend to join. In reviewing the membership types, it appears, if you choose the printed membership (my preference) you do not gain access to the electronic archive for Viewfinder. I glean this from the fact that the electronic membership description specifically mentions gaining access to the electronic archive, while the printed membership makes no reference to archive access. I contacted LHSA for clarification.


Again, thanks.

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Wayne - pedaes is correct. print member have full access to the viewfinder electronic archive which has a massive amount of information about Leica. 

i am a member and have been for 5 years, i am always going back tot he archive to find information i need.

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