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Thunderstorm and Sunset over the Village - 4 pictures

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On monday when coming home from my work the sky changed into a promising foreboding glow. I grabbed my stuff in haste, snatched a sturdy tripod, snatched my raincovers and when I sat in the car it started raining. As I reached my location it seemed as if the major downpour happened somewhere else. In front of my eyes there unfolded a spectacular light and cloud formstion. I could not run for a better vantage point because light changed very quickly.


Canon 5 D MKII with R Elmarit 28 mm and Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron.

The colors were as such, processed from RAW the files only underwent a small correction in contrast and came out of the camera in these incredible colors. I used a GND filter for the Elmarit which gave me about 3 f-stops freedom for exposure.



EM 5, Nocticron, 4 pictures pano






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Canon 5D MKII with R Elmarit 28 mm


one may find it kitschy, but then nature is to be blamed and the photographer who did not reduce the greenblue luminance of the grass. But this is how the glow was. The sun went down in the back and was already gone when this last showdown appeared.






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Iduna, these are all really beautiful, I don't find the colours overdone at all, even the last shot, though very saturated, I have seen colours just like that when a rain storm is passing.

What a picturesquely pretty part of the world you live in! 

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Thank you all very much for your nice comments!



thank you. I am still impressed by the light quality in the USA. But I found that also here we have some interesting attractive conditions to discover.



yes, these clouds just were receding behind the hill and I could catch a few shots before this situation disappeared. Thanks for enjoying.



I am relieved that the colors are being appreciated. Working with the different types of ND filters is a great help to bring out what you want to have.  -  I am happy you like the series. I go often to this location because it makes you feel a kind of freedom from urban busy hubhub. But then I also try to avoid having too many scattered houses in the picture. Our region is nice, hilly, green - but also densely inhabited. I always long for a place not to hear any sound from the road or see any houses. If this is in the pictures it makes me very happy.



nice to have your kind comment. Thanks a lot for stopping by.



many thanks for your emtional response. It is a nice feeling to know being understood.

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thank you for stopping by.



many thanks for leaving a nice comment. It's appreciated.

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