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    • By Daedalus2000
      Hi everyone, I know I do not contribute a lot but I always enjoy your images and discussions. I would appreciate your advice please.
      My S2-P has the sensor issue and as it is out of warranty now, I have to pay to replace the sensor. The two obvious options are to replace the sensor with one that will not have the issue (that is what I was told) or upgrade to S007 at a good price. My problem is that I loved the output of my S2 and although I do not use it regularly (because of size and lack of time), I always felt I had a soft spot for this camera. I also care about the cost, especially when the Fujifilm GFX is so much cheaper.
      When I thought a bit more about all possible options I see the following:
      1) Upgrade the S2 sensor
      2) Upgrade to S007
      3) Sell all Leica and buy Fujifilm GFX and lenses at considerable discount to S007
      4) Wait until the S3 is out and then see if the price makes sense, or if the S007 price goes down
      5) Buy an X1D (just joking :))
      6) Do nothing and only use my S2 wide open, as I usually do...
      What would you suggest? I have used my S2 for portraits/street mainly and pictures of the family life... I also enjoyed using it with adapted lenses (Mamiya/Hasselblad)
    • By Freggio
      Took my Leica S2 out in London yesterday to see how it performed out of the studio. Took a total of about 50 shots in groups of a dozen or so in 3 locations.
      Apon my return I discovered that instead of my usual CF AND SD cards I only had the SD card in the camera. Strangely the S2 only saved 8 images (all DNG) to the SD. A single image from the first location. 7 from the second and none at all from the last location.
      This has never happened before. The battery was fully charged and didn't require changing during the day. The SD card has plenty of space on it. BUT the S2 was set to save in parallel and I've never not had both CF and SD in the camera together AND The camera was set to save DNG only.
      I'm trying to reproduce the same issue now. Seems that there's maybe an issue with having the camera set to parallel saving when DNG only is selected and there's only an SD card present.
      Can anyone confirm that for me? Or could this be something more serious?
    • By frednewman
      This photograph was taken during a visit to Monument Valley. This image is made up of 5 images stitched together.
    • By frednewman
      ​This image was taken during a visit to the Grand Canyon
    • By frednewman
      ​This image was taken during a visit to the Grand Canyon
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