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This lady came very fast and underwent my prefocussed X1. But still, let you imagine more...
















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Good catch, Iduna; but the lady is a tromp!

I wonder if this is the same person I caught last summer!?


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nice nice, maybe. ..good to know you thinking...

Thanks for your nice comment.


aha - yes there are some  - but no  - but the same type of dominant style....

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In any case, with that much sunlight, regardless of the focus zone, your shutter should really be at least at 1/500, and ideally 1/1000.  This will ensure a crisply sharp image every time, no matter how much motion is involved (your subject is not really sharp but OOF; it is really OOF and blurred due to insufficient shutter speed).  I would try pumping up the ISO as high as you can to reach this shutter speed.  At f11, you should able to achieve this at 800-1000 ISO and your focus zone with a 35mm equivalent should be plenty for everything in your immediate vicinity.  


Here's an example of the use of this setup.   http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/249834-horses-for-courses/  You'll see that the use of the extra fast shutter rendered a fairly crisply sharp subject even though both "he" and I were in motion.  Granted, I used a 28mm and not a 35mm, which helps get the extra focus range (which you should consider for the type of shooting that you are having fun with).


The problem with using this approach with the X1 may be its ISO capability.  I don't know if it will perform reasonably well at an 800-100 ISO level - at least in color.  You always have the option of converting into B&W to avoid the color noise.

Keep up the fun and enjoy!


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yes, the auto-iso function is good. I think I neglected this. The problem I find is the constant change from dark shadow and bright sunlight. While roaming a constant speed is the most important thing. I'll check the link you've given. Thank you very much for your support here. I am not concerned about ISO 1000 with the X1. This will be fine. If only here my own city would not be sooooo dull - but we'll see. Thanks for looking into this matter.




thanks a lot for your help.

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Iduna, this lady has a man's body with his big chest, she has to walk fast enough.

The blur gives the impression of speed.  I like much  but dared picture especially

the second photo



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many thanks.

This thread is very interesting in terms of her/his special look and speculations. Yes, the speed moment is a good aspect. I was indeed forced to spin around at the moment and so is the viewer's eye. Thanks for your response here.

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