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alan mcfall

Leitz 16mm movie Projector

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Has anyone ever seen the Leitz G1 movie projector?  I have Leitz brochures that show it was available from around 1953 to 1959.  I wonder if Leitz made it, or contracted it out to someone else.  This was the smaller of two projectors, the H1 model was for large theaters.  I have tried to attach a photo of the G1.


Leitz 16mm movie Projector.pdf

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Could it be related to THIS Company ?



I seem to remember that it had been sold to AEG... but don't remember if was a prewar or postwar story... the 16mm projektor,as you say, is clearly postwar... while the "Mechau" are much older...

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Some picts of the 2 ?



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Leitz H1 Projector.pdf




Wonderful pictures of the G1 projector.  Attached is a photo of the H3 projector of similar mid 1950's vintage. The H3 is iluminated by carbon arc, with 7 times the brightness  of the G1.  The film mechanism and lens are the same as the G1.

With the Kinowerks logo having the GMBH marking, would this not be after 1952 or so and thus parallel to the vintage of these projectors?


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