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Sensor Glass on T Sensor?

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For T owners who use M lenses on their Typ 701, IQ is a big thing. I've recently subscribed to a review site that is very no-holds-barred when it comes to review, and unlike the endless love shown by many sites, this one doesn't like the A7 cameras for Leica lenses because of the thickness of the sensor glass. The rationale is that M lenses were designed for film cameras, i.e. nothing between the last lens element and the recording media except air. The site doesn't review the T range at all, but it states that for M lenses, the best option for a digital body is an M (one assumes M9 or M240) because the sensor inside has a very thin glass in recognition of the lens design. It's probably more academic than anything, but does anyone know if the T features a similarly thin glass on its sensor (which I've read is made by Sony)?



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This is especially important for the far corners of the recording material, in this sense the sensor. With the T being only APS-C it doesn't matter as much and is less critical than with a fullframe sensor.

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