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Leica S Image thread


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5 hours ago, mgrayson3 said:

Superb processing!

Thank you :) 

Here is one with S006 and Contax645 80mm f2 wide open and stitched to simulate larger format. Low contrast process try to recreate C645 film look and fight with mid day harsh sun light. 

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As long as we're going to non-Leica lenses and low contrast, here's one from my first day with a Hasselblad 250/5.6 Superachromat on an S(007). The lower contrast preserves the color of the room lights. I've taken this shot many times as a test of cameras and lenses, it being visible from my window, but this is the nicest yet.


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 Fallen leaves and grate2

Leica S(006) with 120mm Apo-Summarit S

I have a "love/hate" relationship with my S(006), the CCD sensor is useless at high ISO, it's heavy and requires a tripod for much of my outdoor shooting, so in spite of the form factor being close to a "normal" SLR it needs to be treated as the MF it is. I sometimes go weeks or even months using with HB or M film cameras before always returning to the S.

On the other hand, the lenses and colors are OUTSTANDING!

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