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Leica Q - missing the red dot

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Sorry to dredge up this old thread. But I'm now facing same issue for my newly bought Q2: the red dot is missing!

So the question to OP: who (which number, E-mail) did you contact in order for leica to send you a replacement logo?

Questions to all others: where can I get a dot, either red or stealthy looking black one, from off the market?

Last question: does Q2 have same diameter of logo as Q's?


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Leica Camera Inc.

1 Pearl Ct, Unit A
Allendale, New Jersey 07401 

Phone: 800 222 0118 
Fax: 201 995 1686


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On 7/17/2015 at 7:32 AM, viramati said:

Lucky you. May take mine off instead of having a piece of electrical tape stuckon to cover it

Nobody notices my Leica unless you walk up to them and show it. I honestly don’t get this maybe it’s NYC but everyone is obsessed with themselves not anyone’s camera. Even photographers have to squint. I think this is camera dysmorphia. 

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Today, while touring a cathedral in Catania Sicily, a stranger noticed my Leica and wanted to what model it was and said he was very envious.

This was my second encounter over 8 years where someone approached me because of the red dot.

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