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Kyoto Challenge - The Winner

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Thank you all for taking part in the Kyoto Challenge this year, both as participants, and those who have voted to help determine the winner. It was a close race for the number one position, but I can announce that the winner of the inaugural Asia One Challenge in Kyoto is......


(drum roll)


Philippe Octo with his shot 'Break on through to the other side'


Congratulations to Philippe, you win the prize money of 16500 Yen. I will PM you to arrange transfer of the money.


The top three shots were:


1. Philippe (octo) - 8. Break on through to the other side - 31 points and 18% of the vote

2. Christoph (christoph_d) - 9. No title - 28 points and 16% of the vote

3. John (satijntje) - 2. Directions - 20 points and 11% of the vote


Interestingly the top two photos were taken with film Leicas, and the third photo was taken with the M60 (no LCD), so what does that tell us about the instant convenience of digital?


I thoroughly enjoyed planning the trip to Japan together with Dan, and am looking forwards to the next Asia challenge. I think there was some interest in visiting Australia in 2017 - erl, we're coming to find you

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My congratulations to Philippe, well done indeed - a deserved win!

Thanks also to all who were in Japan, for those who contributed pictures, and especially the organizers, it was a trip that I will remember for a long time. 

Finally, thanks to all who regarded my humble contribution so highly, it is well appreciated. 


And I am looking forward to the next challenge ...






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Wow! First my congratulations to Christoph and John: I am in good company, indeed. For information, Christoph joined us at the last minute he is all the more to be commended...I must say I am very sensitive to your votes: thank you all, especially to fellow travellers who have proved themselves much better than I in past challenges. Thanks to all who made it possible foremost Simon and Dan & Ritsuko; the whole group spent a much longer time together than is usual in 'normal' challenges and we enjoyed many interesting conversations around a meal or a drink, sometimes until very late


It will be a pleasure to meet with the Usual Suspects in Vienna soon and to welcome new faces.

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Well, congratulations to Philippe, Christoph and John

A big thumbs also up to everyone else - in my view this is a pretty good gallery, taken under unfamiliar circumstances.


My best thanks again to Simon for the hard work of the organization, also to Ritsuko and Dan.


...and thinking about it - I always wanted to see Australia

I darkly remember a film, I think with James Garner, where the running joke was, that he is actually on his way to Australia. Maybe it is time to check this continent out...



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Fantastic pic Philippe! A deserving winner.

Chritoph and John, you have my congratulations for you successful images.

To all the other competitors, I thank you for being so "Challenging". That is what makes this competition so exciting.

Simon, Dan and Ritsuko, you did a fantastic job of organizing, both in advance and during the week most of us spent in Japan. Thank you.

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For those interested in who took the other shots in the day challenge, here is a contact sheet including the photographer names and respective forum names. 

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