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    • By thebenjaminernest
      Hi team!  I am curious if there is a way to retrieve the shutter count from a 246?  I feel that I heard there is no reliable way....but what does that mean?  Any insights are very appreciated!
    • By dkmoore
      I noticed that some reputable dealers are starting to note shutter count when selling used M240 cameras. 
      From what I have seen, it is not possible to definitively tell how many shutter actuations a M240 camera has experienced.
      Is this a sales ploy or is there an actual way to tell how many images have been made?
      I have owned many digital and analog Leica's and understand this doesn't really matter but I am still very curious!
    • By KhakiMan
      Curious to know if there is a procedure to display the shutter count on a Digilux 1, as there is with a D2. Just acquired a mint D1.
    • By mbarzegar
      I am looking at buying a used M8 and need to determine the shutter count. The seller does not know as he bought it used. The latest picture shot on the camera was assigned L9997077.jpg by the camera. I am having a hard time determining which part of this file name is the folder name and which part is the hexadecimal number that needs to be converted. Any ideas? Thanks.
    • By Leicanier
      Hi, als neues Forumsmitglied habe ich folgende Frage zur Digilux3:
      Nach langer und reiflicher Überlegung habe ich mich für eine Digilux 3 entschieden und durch ein wenig Glück quasi eine neue Kamera erstanden. Geübt habe ich mich mit einer Canon DSLR und der Digilux 2 Kooperation Panasonic DMC - LC1. Nun möchte ich gern die Firmware überprüfen und den Shutter Count. Deshalb meine Frage:
      Wie kann ich den Shutter Count und die Firmware auslesen?
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