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M 246 Shutter Problem and Solution

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I did a search here on the Forum to see if there was any history or discussion on an interesting problem I was having with my M Monochrom 246 but found nothing.  Therefore, I thought I would document my experience for the record.  


My issue was that the shutter was randomly misfiring, either too fast or too slow.  This was producing some "unusual" results with some exposures unpredictably wildly off the mark.  In my blind trust of Leica, I was a bit slow to conclude that the problem was with the camera rather than me.  At first, I could not understand how such varying results could be produced in aperture-priority mode but gradually began to suspect the shutter.  I took a series of shots of the same scene and the same lighting, with the same aperture, but with a manually-selected shutter speed both in "S" and "C" modes. As it turned out, the shutter speeds for each image file were all over the place with the minority at the actual set speed.   Furthermore, it did not seem to matter what shutter speed was selected and, of course, it did not matter what lens was on the camera.  


When I wrote to Leica Camera USA describing my situation, I got an answer in pretty short order with the suggestion to do a camera Reset.  This worked!  The Reset function apparently is a like a o/s reboot on a computer which sadly had not occurred to me as a possible solution.  Of course, all my menu-driven customizations were wiped out with the camera reverting to the factory default but that was a small price to pay to have normal shutter operation restored.  


Anyone else seen this?

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I've experienced something where you take a shot and it seems expose correctly but the shot comes out black.


It's happened twice since I got the camera just after release.


Will try the reset.

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