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Evening Landscape With River and A Hill

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Two days ago we had a nice summer day and so was its evening. The vantage point was deep in the forest opposite the sight. We found a fine bench and picnic facilites even. So we enjoyd a few hours from golden light until dusk.


Porta-Westfalica, view on the monument of Kaiser-Wilhelm and the river Weser.


Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm







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Iduna, this is beautiful and well worth the time that you put in waiting for the light. This landscape has such a European feeling, it could have

been taken nowhere else in the world. The roads crossing the river and curving around the hill add to the strength of the composition and the

colours are lovely, dark but glowing. The little temple-like building on the hill sits, perfectly balanced, against the lightest part of the sky and you

have managed to get some detail in the foreground trees....all great! Well done to you!

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thanks always for your regular visits!




your nice comment makes me very happy and it is appreciated very much for it is so encouraging.

Interesting, that you recognized is a typical European. Perhaps the reason are those small dimensions where you have a combination of everything. This makes it difficult to isolate one particular feature. you have always and every where marks of human existence. Thee is no lonely forest without traces of the nearby living.

In those hours I shot quite a number of photos and used a ND filter with which I could balance the difference between bright and dark quite well. The glowing was so strong that without filter it would not have worked out satisfyingly.




thank you so much



All you friends clicking the "likes" thank you!

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A beautiful shot with the evening light and colors.  I agree with Dee's remarks.



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thanks a lot, I am happy if you like it and its rendering.



many thanks for your nice response.



I know to appreciate our warm comment. Thank you.

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yes, for that particular it was regarding the perfect weather. I am plannin to go there again when the sky will be more dramatic perhaps..

Thanks for your nice words.

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